Andie MacDowell debuted her gray tresses at Paris Fashion Week

Andie MacDowell hit the runway for L’Oréal Paris Fashion Week 2022 on Sunday, sporting naturally wavy hair and a breathtaking gown. McDowell’s hair was styled to accentuate the natural curls on his head.

For her second time walking the runway of the cosmetics company’s fashion show, the “The Maid” actress chose a champagne beaded gown with a high slit and feather accents. Her slit allowed her to show off her tiny legs and stunning hair.

After she stopped dyeing her hair during the Covid-19 lockdown and practically returned to her roots, the celebrity has gone on record multiple times to discuss her choice to let her gray hair grow naturally. remained.

During COVID I was able to see my roots not only in my face but also in my skin and eyes and enjoyed the experience. And I’m happy McDowell said earlier this year that she had a positive opinion of it.

64 years old and just getting started. In time, I will earn silver status. And I was interested in the feeling of actually feeling what it was.

The “Ready or Not” actress also commented on the aging process, adding that as she gets older, her “belly gets bigger too.” So the effort to love that part of the body is ongoing and always needs to be more successful.

Her daughter, actress Margaret Qualley, is 27, and another daughter, Rainie Qualley, is 32.It makes me wonder why I engage in behaviors I have advised them to avoid.

But in the last few years, she’s focused on improving her self-confidence by rethinking how her looks have evolved.

https://celebrityinsider.org/andie-macdowell-debuted-her-gray-tresses-at-paris-fashion-week-534413/ Andie MacDowell debuted her gray tresses at Paris Fashion Week

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