Amy Adams Says Disenchantment Fixes Big Mistake Enchantment Made

2007’s Enchanted was Disney’s interesting new take on the usual fairy tale format and was a huge hit. Now, nearly a decade and a half later, the film is followed by his sequel called Disenchanted.

The original film followed the story of Giselle, played by Amy Adams. Giselle is the princess of the fantasy land of Andalasia. She was promised Prince Edwards, played by James Marsden, but her evil plots directed against her lead her to find herself in New York, a stone-cold, fast-paced city that is the polar opposite of Andalasia. I notice.

Gisele struggles to take care of herself, so she is helped by divorce attorney Robert Phillip, who has a daughter named Morgan. Robert plans to marry his girlfriend Nancy, played by the brilliant singer Idina Menzel, but eventually Gisele and Robert fall in love and Gisele chooses Robert over the returning Prince Edwards. Did. Prince Edward reunites with Nancy, and the two return to Andalasia, where they live happily ever after.

Disenchanted once again takes an interesting new direction, as it really explores what viewers can’t actually see, as it’s only hinted at at the end of the story.

The film builds on the original Enchantment, with nearly the entire original cast returning, but most importantly, according to lead actress Amy Adams, one serious mistake Enchantment made: To fix it. Enchanted was musical at heart, but it didn’t use any of its most amazing musical talents. Idina Menzel.

Amy Adams explained to Entertainment Weekly in the following words:

“That was the most serious oversight. She didn’t sing the first song. She sang it twice and I couldn’t be happier. Yes, it was.” Evil reference. But I’m thrilled. her song is so beautiful. It’s one of my favorite moments of her in the movie. She’s Idina — she’s special, she’s got such a beautiful voice. “

So fans can expect Idina Menzel’s beautiful voice to shine in Enchanted. This is another reason nostalgic fans return to theaters for the franchise.

https://celebrityinsider.org/amy-adams-says-disenchanted-will-fix-a-huge-mistake-that-enchanted-made-534557/ Amy Adams Says Disenchantment Fixes Big Mistake Enchantment Made

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