Ammu Teaser: Aishwarya Lekshmi is intense in a film about domestic violence

A promotion for Ammu, a Telugu Original film on Amazon Prime Video, starts off like it’s a feel-good movie about housewives, but things quickly take a dark turn. Aishwarya Rekshmi Ammu talks with bubbling enthusiasm about her dreams about mother, father and Prince Charming, but her demeanor changes the moment her husband calls her name. The promo easily establishes the film’s theme without revealing anything about its story.

According to an official press statement, the film is a drama thriller about a woman named Ammu who undergoes a thrilling transformation from being a victim of domestic violence to giving her abusive husband a big payoff.

It will be directed by Charkesh Sekhar and produced by Kalyan Subramanian and Kartekien Santhanam of Stone Bench Films.popular tamil film makers Karsik Subaraj is the creative producer of the film, which is set to premiere on the OTT platform on October 19th.

In a statement, Subbaraj said, “Ammu as a film is more than just a revenge thriller. The film is rooted in drama and entwined with the unpredictability of life, which leaves viewers in their seats. Aishwarya, Naveen and Sima go all out and are brilliantly played by some of the industry’s finest.Kudos to Charkesh Sekar for bringing this compelling and important story without compromising its emotional core. increase.”

Besides Aishwarya Lekshmi, Naveen Chandra and Simha play important roles in this film. The film will be released in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi.

https://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/telugu/ammu-teaser-aishwarya-lekshmi-delivers-intense-monologue-in-promo-of-a-film-about-domestic-violence-8193082/ Ammu Teaser: Aishwarya Lekshmi is intense in a film about domestic violence

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