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With only theater experience, Amitabh Bachchan gave a solid performance as Anwar Ali in Khwaja Ahmad Abbas’ Saat Hindustani.

Khwaja Ahmad Abbas He set out to make a film about the liberation of Goa from Portuguese rule. He also wanted to incorporate a statement of communal harmony and equality. His conspiracy was about seven Indians on a mission to liberate Goa. This motley group consisted of Catholic women, Maharashtrian Hindus, Sikhs, Tamil Brahmins, North Indians from Uttar Pradesh, Bengali, and Muslim poets from Aligarh. All of these characters reinforced community clichés. Sardars are pure-blood Punjabi farmers, South Indians wear veshti and vibhuti, Catholic women are stunted Hindi, Bollywood Goans have been made to speak for decades I talked about The idea was to highlight their differences while showing how they came together for a greater purpose than all.

Utpal Dat, a Bengali man was cast as the character of Sardar.Malayalam movie star Madhu aka Madhavan Nair He played Shubhod Sanyal, a Bengali intellectual. Jalal Agha, son of veteran comedian Agha, played a Marathi revolutionary named Sakaram Shinde. Mehmood’s brother Anwar Ali, another veteran comedian, was given the role of North Indian Brahmin Ram Bhagat Sharma, while Meerut’s Madhukar played the Tamil. Madhukar was an assistant on set, but he was also the inspiration for the real-life story. Sir HindustaniDuring the movement in Goa, Madhukar spent time with some revolutionaries there and his account became the basis for Abbas’ script. did. Abbas and Indah Raj Anand were close friends and compatriots of the Indian People’s Theater Association (IPTA). Inder’s son Tinnu was to play Anwar Ali, a Bihar Muslim poet. Also, the Goan Christian girl Maria was to be played by Jalalaga’s sister and soon-to-be Shahnaz her Vahanvathi. Tinu AnandWife of.But Tinnu headed to Kolkata for assistance Satyajit Rayso they had to look for a replacement.

KA Abbas had a special image of Anwar Ali. An enthusiastic and avid young man, Anwar spewed out rich Urdu poetry as soon as he put on his hat. Anwar was modeled after Abbas’ friend Majaz Lachnavi, and like Majaz, Anwar Ali was to actually sing his couplets instead of just reciting them. While Utpal and the rest of the cast were being finalized, Abbas was still looking for Anwar. One day Jalal brought a handsome young man to Abbas’ house. His name was Ajitabh Bachchan, said Jalal. In the late ’60s and early ’70s, Ajtaab his Bachchan was as enthusiastic about cinema as his brother. He has dabbled in film distribution and was even suggested to take up acting in view of his good looks. ), Agitab explained that he was not looking for a role, but had a picture he might want to see. He wore churidar pajamas, kurtas and jackets. This is exactly the kind of look Abbas had in mind for his Anwar Ali. Besides, the boy’s eyes told him that something special was happening here.Abbas agreed to meet him in two days.Ajtab said his brother was there. I promised to stay and leave.

On the appointed day, his brother Amitabh Bachchan stood before him. One look at him convinced Abbas that he had found Anwar. Abbas asked him when he could start. Bachchan was shocked. After everyone asked for a picture and had him appear in a screen test, he declined, saying he was too tall or didn’t have the looks of a hero. No heroine she wants to work with you, they said.But here was this famous producer/director I worked with large kapoor, and he happily cast him without even testing him. Abbas explained that the reward he should not exceed 5000 rupees. And he had to learn Urdu. If all this seemed okay to him, he could join them at once. Bachchan was still trying to figure it all out. Would he like to see some of the previous tests? According to KA Abbas, I don’t take tests, but I’m hiring artists at face value . They just had to sign the contract. Can Amitabh read? He graduated from the University of Delhi and had a job in Calcutta for 1400 rupees a month, he said, Mr Amitabh. he had stopped why? What if Abbas hadn’t cast him?

Upon learning his full name, Abbas realized that he was only the son of one man. “Are you related to Dr. Haribansh Rai Bachchan?” He is my father, Amitabh replied. Then he had to get written permission from his father, Abbas claimed. I wrote to Dr. Bachchan requesting that he telegraph his decision. The reply came in three days. Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan said: Amitabh Bachchan has been signed for 5000 rupees as Anwar Ali. Due to the curious casting, everyone had to learn different languages. Utpal Dutt is fluent in Hindi and speaks a bit of Urdu, so picking up the Punjabi snippet wasn’t too difficult. Jalal Agha lived in Bombay all his life, so the Marathi culture and language were not foreign to him. A Malayali actor, Madhu had a very difficult task of mastering a Bengali accent. Amitabh was to learn Urdu. In just a few days he became fluent in the language. On set, he recites Shayari in a booming baritone, to the applause of the rest of the cast.

According to Abbas, this confusion of culture and language was important. He later wrote: Bengali becomes Punjabi, UPite becomes Tamil, Hindi becomes Muslim, just by changing names and accents. ” The team was to leave for Goa by train. When Amitabh arrived with the coolies, everyone gathered at the Dadar station, gasping with heavy suitcases on their heads. When asked about the contents, he said it included a letter pad, a packet of stamped envelopes and an alarm clock, along with essentials. Every night he wrote his mother a letter detailing the events of the day. Sir Hindustani It was a far cry from modern filmmaking in Goa. They didn’t even have the money to book a half-baked hotel in Goa. They rented Duck’s bungalow and all slept side by side on the floor. The only exceptions to this were Utpal Dutt, his wife, and Shahnaz. Amitabh BachchanWith only theater experience, he delivered a solid performance as Anwar Ali. Towards the end, despite enduring unspeakable torture from his captors, he remains undeterred. There was no proper harness and modern safety measures were not available. Abbas had arranged for a stuntman, but secretly hoped that Bachchan would take it on himself as it would look more authentic. He performed his own stunt that day and KA Abbas listened and grinned. This disciple of his would come a long way. Little did he know!

Amborish is a National Film Award-winning author, biographer, and film historian.

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