Amit Hannah recounts how Bapi Lahiri got a big break from Chalte Chalte

Lyricist and director Amit Khan says singer-songwriter Bapi Lahiri has had great success in Hindi cinema with the 1976 film Chalte Chalte after famous composers RD Burman and Laksmikant-Piarello had to give up. for their busy schedules.

Directed by Sander Dar, the film remains popular to this day thanks to Lahiri’s song for the title track “Chalte Chalte Mere Ye Geet”, which he sang Kishor Kumar in the words of Hannah.

Hannah remembers the meeting Lahiri a week before they reunited at Chalte Chalte in Mumbai at Navketan Films, a production house founded by filmmaker Dev Anand and his older brother Chatan Anand, where the latter came to meet a few people.

“I told him you play music and I’ll see where I can promote you. I liked the young man, he was not 21-22 then and he came with his parents. He kept meeting with me.

“Around the same time, Deva Anand’s nephew Bhish Koli (known as Vishal Anand), also an actor, was going to produce his first film,” Khan told PTI.

Kohli, who was also known as an actor under the pseudonym Vishal Anand, starred in the film opposite Simi Goreval.

Hannah said he offered to name Lahiri after Burman, and Lakshmikan-Piarelal could not devote time to Koli’s film.

“Bhisham once said that he came from the house of Pancham K (RD Burman) and that he promised him to make his film and now he keeps postponing it because he is very busy. It used to be the same with Laksmikant-Perelal that they were so busy saying “yes” to the film, but now they don’t have time, “Hannah said.

“I told him I had met this guy from Calcutta, he is talented, and asked me to call him. Then he (Lahiri) lived with his parents in a small apartment. He came and played some melodies, and we liked it, ”he added.

The title track “Chalte Chalte”, depicted on Koli and Gareval, was a song from a retrospective between the main characters that reminded them of their past novel.

Khan said that after Lahiri played the tune, he wrote the lyrics in a few minutes.

“Almost 90 percent of the songs are created that way, the melody sounds, we write the lines. I wrote the lines that evening and we went to Bhisham and worked on the final structure of the song and he (Lahiri) liked it.

“It was his and Bhish’s idea to create a sad version (of the same song). We recorded it during the week, ”Hannah said.

Asked about the popularity of the song “Chalte Chalte”, Hannah said that some songs can affect people’s lives.

“When you write and write songs, you want every song to be a hit. But some songs perform very well, touch everyone and remain in the memory forever. When we recorded this song, I remember Kishor saying it was the best song he had sung in recent years. He was very pleased with the song. He always sang it all the time, ”he said.

The film and songs “Chalte Chalte” gave a huge boost to the career of Lahiri, who later began to record music for Rajesh Khan“Naya Kadam”, Rakesh Roshan starring “Aangan Ki Kali”, Mithun Chakrabarti“Dance Dancer”, “Namak Halaal”, starring Amitabh BachchanJithendra “Himmatwala”, among many others.

Khan remembers Lahiri as an ambitious man who quickly became a favorite of all directors.

“Bapi was ambitious, and there was a time in the early 80s when he overtook everyone, Rajesh Roshan, Pancham to. He made a maximum of films.

“Besides, he was a scorer. At the age of four, as a prodigy, he will be doing shows in Kolkata. I organized a party for one of my films, I asked him to do a classic scoreboard, and people were shocked that they never knew he could play a scoreboard, ”he added.

Amit Hannah recounts how Bapi Lahiri got a big break from Chalte Chalte

Source link Amit Hannah recounts how Bapi Lahiri got a big break from Chalte Chalte

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