“American Idol” begins its 20th season, judges and presenters explain why this is the premiere vocal competition

American idol returned.

Yes, the series, in which participants hope to sing the road to glory, starts 20th season.

Ether it 5th ABC season (Idol originally worked for FOX), the judging panel includes country singer Luke Brian, pop diva Katy Perry and prolific musician and singer Lionel Richie with presenter Ryan Seacrest. The idol Executive producer and showman Megan Michaels Wolflick has been out of the show since its inception.

Several stars have been created in the competition series, including Grammy winner Carrie Underwood, Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson and platinum sales artist Kelly Clarkson and others.

Now that the series has been running for two decades, Wolfik has noted a curious detail about the contestants. “I feel like it’s almost like contestants [have] trained for American idol their whole lives. The average age of our finalists this year is 20. It was from that age that the show began – the moment of the full circle. ”

Seacrest, who was the series throughout the series, reflected on the milestones, saying, “Look back at all these moments and see some of those participants when they first met us on the road, and see the time that has passed and the success that they had, affects. I was emotionally watching some of these wonderful moments. ”

On the evolution of c IdolSeacrest feels, “It was made to become a very soulful, human and driven artist of the show.”

He says he would like each of the past contestants to take the stage this year. “I want each of these contestants to come back. I want to see a way back to the beginning. I just remembered the moment with Clay and Reuben that we talk about all the time. I want to see Carrie again. I love seeing Jennifer Hudson. And for me, I remember standing next to them, looking at their faces and reaction to moments of success and moments of challenge. ”

When it comes to listening to the series, Richie says, “Some people just go out and they’re stars. They have all the frames – presence on stage, delivery, their sound, their style – they have everything. So when they open their mouths, you know exactly who they are. ”

But he and other judges recognize that song selection is key. “It tells us who they are as artists. It tells us how sharp they are as an artist. It tells us how aware they are of where they want to go in their careers, ”says Brian.

There are some bad song choices, Perry says. “Some of them say,‘ Oh, I’ll choose Ariana Grande’s song, ’and then they don’t sound like Ariana Grande,” and she adds, “If you’re going to choose, say, Whitney [Houston] a song, you kind of want to invent it or do it your way. ”

What sets Idol among other competitive singing series, Perry says, “it’s about the contestants. It’s not necessarily about [the judges]. We just guide them, support them and give them tips and all this knowledge that we have been able to cultivate for decades. I think we really care because we were in their place. We want to set them up for success. So we’re hard on them because in the real world it’s hard, but we still do it with grace. It’s also really about songwriters and artists and real talent. “

Perry says working with contestants has taught her “humility and gratitude every day, all day and just reminding us, you know how happy we are that we really are”.

What Richie says he likes the most Idol is: “we are the microcosm that the world should be. Think about it for a moment – If you look at the judges and Ryan – we represent America. We are from different walks of life. But at the same time, we can come together and celebrate each other. ”

He goes on to say, “When you come to your senses American idolit is American idol family. Nothing more to say. So we’re trying to show America who we are in the United States. The problem most people face is that they try to look at their little sections of life, but when you come to your senses American idolyou will see the United States of America, which we so brilliantly portray. ”

“American Idol” airs Sunday night at 8 e / p on ABC.

“American Idol” begins its 20th season, judges and presenters explain why this is the premiere vocal competition

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