Amazon’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ Tops Nielsen Charts With Blockbuster Debut

Frankly, Amazon’s
$465 million first season Lord of the rings: power of the ring Nielsen #1 Debut
chart. His first two episodes, totaling 134 minutes, earned him 1.253 billion minutes in the Thursday night to Sunday night frame. Although this is the first time an Amazon show has topped Nielsen’s charts, Cumming 2 America to the top earlier this year. That’s well short of his 7.1 billion minute start in the first seven (ultra-long) episodes. stranger things 5.9 billion launch minutes for Season 4 and the last two episodes of the same season (4 hours combined). If Amazon wanted to challenge such a record, it would have released all eight episodes of Season 1 simultaneously. It wasn’t, so it won’t be.

of Allogeneic comparisonthe first three episodes of wheel of time had 1.16 billion minutes watched in its first weekend, but was ‘not for kids’ the boys When season 3 dropped earlier this year, it earned 949 million minutes in its first three episodes. Reacher Technically, among Amazon shows, Sherlock Homeless still reigns supreme, as it debuted “an entire season at once” and racked up 1.8 billion minutes. ring of power If you dropped 3 episodes over or under 65 minutes, you’d probably see 1.88 billion minutes into the launch. Next week’s chart (which details his first week available and Episode 3’s debut) could peak* the show’s weekly ratings. It’s not a slum. If viewers watched every time a new episode debuted and never re-watched previous episodes, that’s how television should work.

Hype, marketing and curiosity have always been what drove the initial surge of interest. It was about the general/casual audience slowly (or rapidly) getting lost. , and this is dragon house Likewise, it Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them earned $234 million domestically and $814 million worldwide in the second half of 2016.To Fantastic Beasts and Dumbledore’s Secret, It dropped to $96 million domestically and $400 million worldwide. His intended five-part story ended (potentially) with Chapter 3.

House of the Dragon The first three episodes clocked in at 781 million minutes (181 minutes total). On the other hand, Nielsen doesn’t count people watching on regular HBO, so the show may rank “lower” than its rivals. Plus, if it’s truly reserved TV, its fanbase will watch the week’s newest episode as soon as it airs (or early next week). Its raw weekly watch hours are mostly from the most recent episode or two. 781 million minutes is either 4.3 million households watching all three available episodes, 12.3 million households watching only the latest episode, or (most of the time) those two extremes. It could mean somewhere in between. Interestingly, game of thrones It earned 792 million minutes (over 73 episodes). Either way, HBO Max will get a big-budget fantasy audience.

For those blaming the death of network television, NCIS We pulled 812 million minutes from 314 episodes. Grey’s Anatomy Earned 674 million minutes from 396 million episodes. She-Hulk It is gaining momentum after a soft start. This could mean over/under 35 minute episodes released every week.This hilarious old-school legal comedy earned him 472 million minutes in its first three episodes. So, the viewership is 4.5 million households for all three episodes and 13.5 million households for “The People vs. Emil Blonsky” alone. That it’s not a chart-topping blockbuster is a reminder that not every Marvel Comics fan will walk into a comic shop and buy every issue of every Marvel title in the works. Finally, elvis Earning 482 million minutes on HBO Max, nearly 3 million households watched Baz Luhrmann’s 160-minute Austin Butler and Ton Hanks musical biopic.

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