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of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II The beta gave PlayStation, Xbox, and PC gamers a chance to check out the game’s multiplayer just weeks before launch.

This was a fun introduction to the game, but it was also a way of removing many bugs and other issues that the CoD community found. Some of the biggest issues gamers had with the beta (myself included) were:

  • Poor visibility makes it difficult to spot enemy players, especially in dark or heavily colored areas.
  • Footstep audio issues making enemy identification difficult.
  • Weird issues like the Dead Silence Field upgrade being very loud when activated. silence.
  • Some players complained about the minimap not revealing as much information about enemy player locations as it used to.
  • Naturally, it’s full of bugs and glitches.
  • Confusing to navigate and a very poorly designed menu that made it hard to figure out how to view the lobby, invite friends to play, or access the menu options.

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Among them, poor visibility and poor UI were the biggest issues. I didn’t hear any footsteps, and the minimap worked just fine. Luckily, Infinity Ward seems to have made many, if not all, of the changes players complained about. Nothing in the patch notes below sounds like the minimap will stay the same.

One of the biggest changes is the addition of diamond icons above enemy heads to improve visibility. You’ll have to play around and see how these really work. By the end of the beta, I was actually used to the lack of enemy nameplates, but I can see how many players find this frustrating.

We hope there will be changes to audio, UI, movement, matchmaking, and more that will make the game smoother to play at launch than it was in beta.Multiplayer will be live soon!

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Check out the patch notes below to see all the changes since the beta.

enemy visibility

  • Added diamond icons above enemy heads. This makes it easier for players to clearly identify their in-game opponents.
  • Additionally, we continue to tweak lighting and contrast to improve enemy visibility.


  • Reduced the overall range of footstep audio. This allows enemy players to get close to the target before footsteps are detected. We’re also continuing to tweak teammate footstep audio based on feedback from the beta.
  • Significantly decreased the volume range of the in-world activation sound effects of the Field of Dead Silence upgrade.

third party

  • Based on feedback from the beta, aiming down sights now stays in 3rd person POV with low zoom optics. Only high-magnification optics (ACOG and later) and special optics such as hybrids and thermals return to first-person view. We believe this will improve the third-person experience while keeping gameplay balanced. Feedback for this mode has been very positive and we will continue to investigate its use as a modifier.


  • We continue to tweak weapons throughout the game according to both beta player feedback and game data. With continued support post-launch, players can expect more details on weapon adjustments.


  • We’ve worked hard on numerous UI updates to make accessing and customizing your loadouts more seamless. Improved menu navigation and continued UX optimization.


  • Slides, ledge hangs and dives have been refined. It also addressed several locomotion exploits following the beta.


  • Implemented some changes aimed at reducing lobby disbanding between matches. We are looking forward to testing this at scale and getting your feedback.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2022/10/27/modern-warfare-2-launch-patch-notes-all-the-changes-from-the-beta/ All changes since beta

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