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don’t worry darling In the weeks leading up to the movie’s September 23rd release, it has completely captivated the internet.of behind the scenes drama It dominated the news cycle as fans waited to be able to see the film for themselves. Olivia Wilde’s The latest directorial feature had plenty of twists and turns as well movie press tour.

As the film begins, it is played by Jack and Alice Chambers. harry styles When Florence Pugh, lives a seemingly perfect life in Victory, a utopian community in the middle of the desert. Men go to work, but women stay home, like a 1950s sitcom.

harry styles
Harry Styles as Jack Chambers. (Warner Bros.)

As Alice begins to unravel the mysteries of the Victory Project, she begins asking questions that no one wants to answer. how did they get here? why are they here? The answers to these questions are scarier than Alice imagined.

don’t worry darling twist

After all, Jack is a really bad husband. After Alice asks Frank, the leader of the Victory Project, for an answer (Chris Pine) at a dinner party, Jack took Alice away and subjected her to electroshock therapy. His desperation to keep her triumphant life intact undoes him.Her electroshock therapy allows Alice to remember her own life before her triumph.

Alice was a hard working surgeon, while Jack was unemployed and stuck at home. From the looks of it, Jack and Alice were out. Jack begins to fall down the rabbit hole listening to Frank’s video online. He drank Frank’s Kool-Aid and then some. Jack’s insecurities lead him to victory, just as Frank intended.

Returning to victory, Alice leaves for a while and then returns home. Jack thinks everything is fine.As she prepares dinner for them, Jack begins sing their lullabyThis triggers Alice’s memory again and she confronts Jack about everything.

After being selected by Frank to be part of the winning project, Jack essentially kidnaps Alice in his own home. He tied her to the bed, hooked her to a machine, and forced her to open her eyes. Winning is just not realistic. It’s just a simulation.

don’t worry darling Explanation of the ending

When Alice learns the truth, she becomes furious with Jack.he claims he did this theyAlice cries that she stole her life, choosing a new life for herself. “You took my life,” she tells Jack. He admits he was frustrated with her working all the time. Jack gaslights Alice and tells her he is “lucky” to be in her house. Bold!

Florence Pugh
Florence Pugh as Alice Chambers. (Warner Bros.)

All victorious wives are trapped. Children? they are not real. When Jack tries to force Alice on, she kills him. Alice wakes up some time later, covered in blood. A bunny, played by Olivia, comes to the house and she has even more answers. When people die in the simulation, they die in the real world. While most of the wives were locked up, Bunny knew the truth all along: She could still have children, so she chose to be part of the Victory Project.

Bunny urges Alice to escape before Frank is killed. When Alice leaves, her other wives begin to awaken to the truth. Frank’s wife, Sherry (Gemma Chan), going so far as to murder her husband. “Now it’s my turn,” Sherry says after thrusting the knife into Frank’s chest.

Alice carries it out and arrives at Victory’s headquarters. Suddenly the film turns black. We hear Alice take a deep breath and finally wake up from her triumphant nightmare.

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