Alia Bhatt on Negative Reaction to Brahmastra: “Jo box office pe aag lagayi hai…”

Brahmastra has certainly lifted the curse that has been placed on Bollywood, and while the film enjoys box office success, it has also faced some criticism. and many people point out that: The character of Aria Bhatt was less relatable in the film. Among the criticism, the film team – actor Ranbir Kapoor, Aria Butt Director Ayan Mukerji – Recent Ahmedabad promotion and here, Aria We talked about dealing with negative reactions.

Aria spoke in Hindi about focusing on the positive rather than the negative.Yeh jo life hai, humari yeh life hai aur life hai yeh pata nahi par yeh life hai, toh humare paas Two options hain ki ya toh aap positive bano ya positive pe focus karo ya toh aap negative pe focus karo. Aur haal hi mein, jab koi bhi negative question puchta hai ham truly ek consensus ke saath Bolte hain ki humara dimag udhar jaa hi nahi raha hai (I don’t know if there is this life, another life, but we have this life. We have two choices: either be positive and focus on it, or be negative. And these days, whenever someone asks us a negative question, we really want to say with all the consensus that we don’t think about it.”

Aria added that audiences have the right to criticize, but she wants the positives to outweigh the negatives. Toh jo aap review bol rahe ho unka right hai, unka ek Opinion hai. Humara bas yahi hope hai ki jo positive hai voh zyada ho aur negative hai voh kam ho. Jo film release hone ke baad aisa lag raha hai ki positive hi zyada hai varna jo box office pe aag lagayi hai voh hota nahi (So ​​the reviews you’re talking about are their opinion. I hope there are more positives than negatives. After the movie’s release, it seems to be on the more positive side. So Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been. It did very well at the box office.)

in a previous chat with indianexpress.comAyan Mukerji addressed criticism that Aria was underused in the film. But, again, I am waiting for this (film) to spread widely in the country. I think a lot of people will still accept her for playing the ugly girl, but be careful, in part 2 we’re going to do more with Alia.”

The director said Brahmastra Part Two: Dev could be released by December 2025.

https://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/bollywood/alia-bhatt-on-brahmastra-negative-reviews-box-office-aag-8154195/ Alia Bhatt on Negative Reaction to Brahmastra: “Jo box office pe aag lagayi hai…”

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