Ali Fletcher loses Savage x Fenty brand deal over domestic violence

Celebrities can get themselves into bad situations, especially online. While many celebrities are able to work their way out to stay relevant, they can also make comments that piss off their fans.

Ari Fletcher is one of the biggest influencers of our time, but I’ve been stoked by some of the comments she’s made lately. Ali signed a brand deal with Rihanna’s popular Savage x Fenty brand, where she served as a brand ambassador. However, recent reports say she lost the title.

This information was revealed by Ali himself on the BET+ show “The Impact ATL”, where Ali talked about losing six figures in the Savage x Fenty deal. Ali was seen speculating with friends as to why Instagram was shut down, claiming she recklessly taunted fans under Instagram stories. podcast “Don’t Call Me White Girl,” where she made some comments about domestic violence that went wrong with the audience.

According to Ali, “I interviewed my friend Mona. I n—- said something about choking me or grabbing a gun or something. “People commented on the domestic violence and said, ‘Oh, why would you say that?’ I don’t mean to say no to domestic violence, but I don’t say no to what you’re talking about, which is another thing I need to confirm. stop.

Ali has learned from experience that she cannot rely on brands for income in case something like this happens again. So I said I know I need to make a product right now.

Ali received a lot of backlash for her comments, but she insisted she didn’t care about anyone. There is speculation that Rihanna removed her from the company because of the.

https://celebrityinsider.org/ari-fletcher-lost-her-brand-deal-with-savage-x-fenty-over-domestic-violence-comments-on-dont-call-me-white-girl-podcast-534787/ Ali Fletcher loses Savage x Fenty brand deal over domestic violence

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