Alec Baldwin’s Wife Hilaria Baldwin Posts Adorable Family Photo With Seven Kids

Hilaria posted another adorable family photo to Instagram on Thursday after the birth of daughter Ilaria Katarina Irena on Sept. 22.

All seven of her neutrally dressed children lay next to each other’s heads facing different directions for a family photo. i adore you. That’s all…. Your daughter, Alec, who is 26 in Ireland, said to her photo, “Who’s luckier than us?”

Alec and Hilaria have been married for 64 years and have four sons and three daughters. Romeo Alejandro David, 4 years old. Leonardo ngel Charles, 6 years old; Rafael Thomas, 7 years old. Ilaria, Maria Lucia Victoria, 18 months, Carmen Gabriela, 9.

On Wednesday, Hilaria posted a cute snapshot to Instagram of her and Carmen helping baby Ilaria get clean. I said to

Hilaria posted another snapshot on her Instagram story on Wednesday, joking about the size of her brood.

A photo of her breastfeeding her baby was accompanied by the caption, “This is my millionth breastfeed.” Last week, Alec posted an Instagram message expressing deep gratitude to his children for helping them through a difficult year.

these young people. They were all born in 212. He wrote it as the caption for a series of images of his sons posted on Instagram, the first time the four have been together. The last three of him are in another adjoining room.

My heart has been broken a thousand times over the past 12 months. And my life as I know it may never be the same, Alec said, possibly referring to the shooting death of 42-year-old cinematographer Halina Hutchins and the injury of director Joel Souza on Oct. 21. I will stick to that claim.

https://celebrityinsider.org/alec-baldwins-wife-hilaria-baldwin-posts-adorable-family-photo-with-their-seven-children-534660/ Alec Baldwin’s Wife Hilaria Baldwin Posts Adorable Family Photo With Seven Kids

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