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prepare Mayas to take over the world.Incredible Lebanese dance group crowned america’s got talent winner of season 17 From winning the Golden Buzzer on September 14th to the finale, it was a great ride for Mayyas. The group will win his coveted $1 million prize and headline shows in Las Vegas.

Mayas won the ‘AGT’ Season 17. (NBC)

The Mayyas are made up of large groups of women. How will the $1 million be split between them? “We are about 40 girls. We are planning to open a new dance studio where we can perform [in Lebanon],” Lara Givian told reporters, including hollywood lifeafter the finale.

Lala also said Mayyas members are watching AGTMore because they were children. “It was a childhood dream, but we never imagined we would win,” she admitted.

Mayyas surprised first AGTMore world with their amazing auditions June 2022. Sophia Vergara Impressed, she gave the group a golden buzzer and sent them to a live show. She was Mayas’ strongest supporter among the judges this season.

in the excitement of victory AGTMore, Marcel Assal This also means they have to “leave our homes and families for four months to go somewhere else and make their name even higher and make them even more proud.” He pointed out.

Mayyas celebrates victory in the season 17 finale. (NBC)

Simon Cowell He made it clear that he was not surprised that Mayas came out victorious. “The complexity and the imagination, the creativity, their focus, their work ethic and everything…just overwhelmed. They’re one of his greatest winners ever,” Simon told reporters after the finale. rice field.

america’s got talent We’re back in Season 18.Simon also teased all the stars edition of AGTMore,this is Champions Spin-off “alias”.

https://hollywoodlife.com/2022/09/15/agt-winner-mayyas-split-1-million-dollars-interview/ ‘AGT’ Winner Mayyas Reveals How He Splits $1 Million Among 40 Girls – Hollywood Life

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