After being banned from Twitter and Instagram, Kanye West has decided to buy conservative social network Parler

Parler’s parent company, Parlement Technologies, issued a release on Monday, expressing excitement that Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, has signed a preliminary agreement to purchase the Parler platform.

This acquisition ensures Parler’s future role in developing an ecosystem that cannot be stopped and where all voices are encouraged to participate.

Parler CEO George Farmer said Ye’s acquisition of Parler will enhance the company’s ability to develop an irrevocable ecosystem. There is no need to resort to self-censorship because you never know which of your legally protected expressions will be kicked out of the venue.

Even individuals and businesses need not fear being permanently removed from the platform for simply presenting a dissenting opinion. Parlor was the only one who experienced this. Independent thinking is much safer than engaging in groupthink. This was true from the beginning.

Parlor wants to continue to be a space where everyone can freely think, listen and express their thoughts. We will continue our efforts to end censorship and abolish culture and dictatorship.

The 45-year-old rapper, who recently acquired Parlor, suspended his Twitter account earlier this month after one of his posts was found to violate guidelines outlined by the social media platform. West decided to buy a parlor.

West made several anti-Semitic comments in the message, which have since been deleted, including one stating that he intended to “send a death scam to the Jews.” It was

NBC News and CNN responded to Instagram’s move to restrict the Grammy winner’s account and remove information from his page after he violated the rules and guidelines governing the social media network. So Twitter made this decision.

A Meta spokesperson would not disclose to either source which content violated their standards. Nonetheless, one post shared by West, which has since been deleted, was criticized by many users.

https://celebrityinsider.org/after-being-banned-from-twitter-and-instagram-kanye-west-has-decided-to-purchase-the-conservative-social-network-parler-535246/ After being banned from Twitter and Instagram, Kanye West has decided to buy conservative social network Parler

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