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At the beginning of King’s Landing, everything is quiet. House of the Dragon Episode 9. Eerily quiet. A young servant walking through the Red Fort early in the morning. He told one of his servants, one of Mythalia’s spies, the king is deadshe goes to say right away Aricent.

Aricent breaks the news to her father. He demands to know who knows of the king’s death. I know her maids and I know some of her servants. She reveals what Viserys told her in her final moments. “he said he wanted Aegon becomes king… that’s the truth. from his own lips. His last words to me, and I was the only one who heard them. And now he’s dead,” she says Alicent.

Otto, Aricent, and Christon discuss the King’s death. (HBO)

A small council gathers and Otto breaks the news about Viserys’ death. “He left us a gift. With his last breath, he impressed the Queen with his last wish that his son Aegon would succeed him as Lord of the Seven Kingdoms.” Otto told the Council.

Everyone is silent for a moment until Tyrande Lannister says that the king’s blessings should be obeyed. Aricent seemed surprised by that reaction. Otto sets about establishing Aegon as king. Apparently, most of the small council had been planning this for some time without her knowing.

Lyman Beasbury is the only person to speak up in his defense. LenillaHe does not believe Aricent’s claims. “This is a seizure. This is theft. This is at least treason,” he says. Lyman doesn’t want to get involved in this conspiracy. Christon tells him to sit down, then kills him.

Otto wants Raenira dead

Lord Westerling draws his sword and orders Christon to remove his cloak and lower his sword. He won’t until Aricent tells Kriston to calm down. “We’ll keep the door closed until the job is done,” Otto says as Lyman’s blood continues to spill onto the table.

Tyland reveals that Storm’s End is a concern for them. Alicent asks about Rhaenyra. Otto says that Raenira will be given the option to pledge allegiance to Aegon. Alicent knows that neither Rhaenyra nor her Daemon will ever bend their knees. “Are you going to kill her?” asks Aricent. everyone is silent. Otto says a sacrifice must be made to ensure Aegon’s succession.

Alicent is well aware that Viserys does not want his daughter murdered. Tyrand wants to know what Aricent would suggest instead, but she can’t come up with anything. Otto orders Lord Westerling to be “quick” and “clean” about bringing the knights to Dragonstone and killing Laenira.

Lord Westerling does not answer. He just takes off his white cloak. “I know no authority other than that of a king. And until there is one. I have no place here,” he said before stepping outside.

Olivia Cook
Olivia Cooke as Aricent Hightower. (HBO)

Aricent and Otto go to find Aegon.he is not in his room Helena and children. “There’s a beast under the board,” Helena mutters again, refusing her mother’s touch.

When pressed by Otto, Sir Eric has no idea where Aegon is. Otto challenges Eric and his brother Arik to find Aegon and bring him the prince. Not even Aricent can tell they’re looking for Aegon.

looking for aegon

Reynis is locked in his room while the search for Aegon is conducted. Until Aegon is found, those who work in Red’s Keep cannot leave. Christon is able to find out about Otto’s plans and tells Aricent. Alicent wishes to bring Aegon directly to him. She approaches him and mentions “everything” he feels to make her point clear. Aimond Wanting to go with Christon, he knows where Aegon’s haunts are in the city.

Otto has brought other House leaders into the throne room to pledge allegiance to Aegon. Many people kneel, but some don’t. No one is allowed to leave without expressing their will. “I am not a vow-breaker. I do not bend my knees,” says one man. Others begin to kneel. “Hausfell will keep her princess vows,” says the woman. they are led to death. Then Sir Alan Caswell kneels. Sir Alan attempts to leave King’s Landing, but he is captured and taken to Otto, where he is killed.

Eric and Arik are lurking around the city looking for Aegon. Eric knows that Aegon often attends children’s brawl clubs like this, and she finds her one of Aegon’s illegitimate children. Eric thinks Aegon is unfit to rule. A woman approaches them and White reveals that her worm, aka Mithalia, knows Aegon’s whereabouts. However, Mysaria wants an audience of only Otto and Otto.

Ewan Mitchell
Ewan Mitchell as Aymond Targaryen. (HBO)

Aymond makes it clear to Christon that Aegon has no interest in his birthright. “I should be…” Aymond says, but does not finish his sentence. He later said, “I am next in line to the throne. If they come looking for me, I will be found.”

“You should have been a queen”

Alicent takes Viserys’ crown and places it on his body. She bursts into tears before going to see Reinis. Alicent reveals that Viserys is dead. “And you’re usurping the throne,” Reinis says. Alicent has come for support, but she does it with dirty hands. She raises Corlys, Laenor, and Laena.

“You should have been queen,” Aricent tells Reinis. she continues. Reinis admits that Aricent is smarter than he thought. “A true queen counts the price of her people,” says Aricent. Reinis replies, “Yet you still struggle to serve men.” She whispers in Aricent’s ear. Aricent leaves Reynis in her room. She cannot leave until she has an answer about her loyalties.

Otto heads into town to meet Mysalia. “He’s safely hidden,” says Mysalia. She wants Mysalia to cash and an end to the “barbaric use of children in Freebottom”. She also wants Otto to remember this when Aegon becomes king.

Eric and Arik find Aegon. He tries to escape, but he is caught and taken outside the city walls. They meet Christon and Aymond. Kriston and Eric fight and Aymond tackles Aegon and knocks him to the ground. “I’m not going to rule. I don’t like obligations,” admits Aegon.

Aricent and Otto meet face to face after making two very separate plans for Aegon. “Our hearts weren’t one, and now I see that,” she says Alicent. She finally realizes that she was just her father’s chess piece. She requests to proceed now as she sees fit. Otto warns her that if Rhaenyra is alive, her faithful will gather behind her and seek her return.Alicent must show Rhaenyra her mercy. I think.

Otto believes Laenira to be Aricent’s weakness. Aricent ignores his father and appoints Christon as the new Commander-in-Chief. All of Kings his landing must witness Aegon’s ascent. He takes the name Conqueror and uses Blackfyre.

Raenys Escapes & Aegon Changes His Tune

After making a deal with his father, Aricent must meet Larry’s. He is the reason Otto found Aegon in the first place. To get more information, she has to entertain him with her feet. gross.

He reveals that a network of spies is operating in the Red Keep. One of them is her lady-in-waiting. The only way to destroy Otto’s advantage in the Red Keep is to eliminate Mysaria. “If you want it, it will be done,” promises Larrys before pleasing himself in front of the Queen.

Eric goes to Reinis’ room and makes way for her. “I cannot let this betrayal stand,” Eric tells Reynis of Aricent and Otto’s plan to force Aegon to usurp her throne. Eric takes Reynis out of the Red Keep. She doesn’t want to leave her dragon, Meleys. Eric knows that the people of Aricent and Otto are looking for her there.

Tom Glynn Carney
Tom Glynn-Carney as Aegon Targaryen. (HBO)

Aricent heads to the Dragon Pit with Aegon. “My father didn’t want this,” Aegon says to his mother. He knows Viserys never changed his mind. “He didn’t like me,” says Aegon. He even laughs when Alicent says Viserys wanted this on his deathbed.

When she showed him the dagger of Viserys, Aegon began to change his tune. he picks it up Aricent emphasizes to him that Otto wants him to kill Laenira, but he must avoid it. she says.

Raenys & Meleys rise from under the board

A crowd gathers to watch Aegon be crowned. Otto tells the crowd that this was Viserys’ dying wish. Raenys watches this all go down until he sees a moment when he escapes to Meleys below.

eve best
Eve Best as Raenys Velaryon. (HBO)

Christon crowns Aegon the new king with the Conqueror’s Crown. They must bow before him…even Otto. But Aemond clearly doesn’t. When Aegon hears cheers from the crowd, that’s when everything changes for him.

Suddenly, Reynis and Merise explode from below, killing civilians and destroying part of the Dragon Pit in the process. , Otto, Aegon, and everyone else on the spot. Aricent stands in front of Aegon in desperation. But Reynis shows them mercy, but she warns them with the fireless roar of Merryse. This means war.

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