A&E Network is working on a new documentary about James Brown

A new documentary about James Brown is working on A&E Network – Hollywood Outbreak

A&E Network has organized a four-part documentary, “James Brown: Say It Loudly” (working title), which explores the legacy of the icon of entertainment music as a musical force, a cultural catalyst, and the dominant creative voice of blacks. The documentary event delves into Brown’s incredible epic life and sound that was as groundbreaking as it was influential. Exploring his legacy through exclusive interviews with friends, family, co-workers and protégés, as well as his favorite music catalog, the documentary also includes never-before-seen archival footage. The premiere of the documentary will take place on A&E in 2023, timed to the 90th anniversary of Brown. Directed by Deborah Riley Draper, the executive producers are Mick Jagger, Ahmir “Questlow” Thompson, Peter Afterman, David Blackman, Victoria Pearman, Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter, Sean Gee, Zara Zolman and Charlie Cohen. Polygram’s co-executive producers are Madeleine Post and Robert Camadina. The producer of Inaudible Films is Sarah Haber.

“I’m excited to create a four-part documentary series in which A&E delves into the exciting life of James Brown,” said executive producer Mick Jagger. “He was a brilliant performer who inspired me from the beginning and was deeply committed to the civil rights movement. I have always admired James and learned a lot from him. I’m looking forward to bringing the series to life. “

“The life of James Brown is important not only for understanding his enormous musical impact, which inspires us and other artists to this day, but also for the deep and lasting impression he has left on American culture,” said executive producer Ahmir Questlove. Thompson and Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter. “Brown’s life is an important and timely story of struggle, redemption and self-identity, and we are honored to have the opportunity to share it.”

“A&E has a long legacy as a home for bold, insightful and engaging stories that push boundaries and introduce viewers to the lives and worlds they thought they knew,” said Elaine Frontine Bryant, A&E’s Executive Vice President and Program Manager. . “We are honored to work with executive producers Mick Jagger, Questlove, Black Thought, Inaudible Films, Jagged Films, Two One Five Entertainment, Polygram Entertainment and director Deborah Riley Draper to continue this tradition with James Brown: Say It.” Loud ”to give viewers an in-depth look not only at the extraordinary life of the Godfather of the Soul, but also at his immeasurable influence as a cultural force in American society”.

For four hours, “James Brown: Say It Loud” traces the intense ups and downs of James Brown’s life and career from 7th grade, arrested for armed robbery in the south of the Jim Crow era, to a legend of entertainment whose words, songs, style and the movements inspired musical revolutions and shaped the nation’s view of black pride and masculine masculinity. Faced with obstacles and incredible opportunities, the documentary details how Brown endured decades of personal demons, racial injustice and career failures to find redemption and become one of the most famous and influential artists of the 20th century. “James Brown: Say It Loudly” is the ultimate look at the complex life and reflections on the enormous impact that Brown continues to have as a musical and cultural pioneer.

“James Brown: Say It Loud” is produced by Inaudible Films in collaboration with Polygram Entertainment for A&E Network. Peter Afterman is the executive producer of Inaudible Films along with producer Sarah Haber. The executive producers of Jagged Films are Mick Jagger and Victoria Pearman. Executive producers of Two One Five Entertainment are Amhir ‘Questlove’ Thompson, Tariq ‘Black Thought’ Trotter, Sean Gee and Zara Zolman. David Blackman is the executive producer, and Madeline Post and Robert Kamadina are co-executive producers of Polygram Entertainment. Charlie Cohen also acts as executive producer. Elaine Frontine Bryant and Brad Abramson are executive producers of A&E Network.

A&E Network is working on a new documentary about James Brown

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