Adrien Brody shares his thoughts on playing Arthur Miller in Blonde with Ana de Armas

Ana de Armas plays Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe in Blonde, which was one of the most controversial releases of the year. At the Venice Film Festival, the film received her 14-minute standing ovation, but critics and fans were completely polarized in their reviews of the film.

Now, actor Adrien Brody has stepped forward to give his opinion on the film. Adrian plays the character of Arthur Miller in the film. Arthur Miller is a playwright who was married to Marilyn Monroe from 1956 until 1961.

Adrien Brody said the film is “really brave storytelling…. It’s tough to go through, but I think it’s important in many ways because sometimes it brings a greater understanding. There’s a lot of I think there is positivity.…I don’t think there was universal empathy. [Monroe]I got a lot of love and admiration, but I don’t think it’s empathetic. ”

In addition, the film “is about a woman about how all of her childhood trauma and ongoing hardships impact her life and choices, both personally and professionally, and how she must persevere.” And her mental health is right? — this is completely unprocessed and unaddressed and very sad.”

Blonde is not based on an actual, accurate account of Monroe’s life, but rather a fictional retelling based on Joyce Carol Oates’ 2000 novel of the same name.

In the film, Monroe and Miller meet at an audition for Miller’s play, and Monroe surprises him with his literary knowledge. About the interaction, Brody said he admitted that the interaction wasn’t how the actual first meeting went, but it gave them a chance. He is a highly intelligent man, his own perception of her inability to clearly see her as a human being, and the real beauty he sees through the revelations of her intellect and emotional intelligence. ”

He added, “I thought it was such a beautiful reconstruction.”

https://celebrityinsider.org/adrien-brody-shares-his-thoughts-on-playing-arthur-miller-in-blonde-alongside-ana-de-armas-534447/ Adrien Brody shares his thoughts on playing Arthur Miller in Blonde with Ana de Armas

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