‘Adipurush’ makers accused of copying Prabhas poster design.hindi movie news

Controversy with Prabhas Saif Ali Khan Starring “Adipurushu”. After a counter-argument over a misunderstanding of the Indian epic Ramayan, the manufacturer is now accused of copying the design of the poster.

A poster of ‘Adiprush’ featuring Prabhas with a bow and arrow is at the center of this controversy.Ann Instagram A user tagged an animation studio and noted the similarity between Prabhas’ poster and Lord Shiva’s artwork created by Vaanar Sena Studios. Acknowledging the same, the studio re-shared the collage on social media.

Recently, the head priest of the Ayodhya Ram Temple, Satyendra Das, called for an immediate ban on the film. While addressing the media, he said that the portrayal of Lord Ram and Hanuman in Om Raut’s “Adipursh” violated their dignity, not what is depicted in the epic. Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narotham Mishra has warned the makers of ‘Adipurush’ to take legal action if scenes showing Hindu religious figures in a ‘wrong’ way are not removed. I was. He said, “I have seen the trailer for Adipurush. There is a disturbing scene in it. The Hanuman temple is shown wearing leather, but the description of the deity’s costume (scripture) These are scenes that offend religious sentiments.I am writing to Om Laut asking him to remove all such scenes from the film.If not, I will consider legal action.” In ‘Adiprush’ Prabhas appears as Lord Ram, Saif essays Ravan and Kriti Sanon plays Sita.

https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/hindi/bollywood/news/adipurush-makers-accused-of-copying-prabhas-poster-design/articleshow/94675303.cms ‘Adipurush’ makers accused of copying Prabhas poster design.hindi movie news

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