Adipurush director Om Raut says he always had Prabhas in mind: “Without him, I wouldn’t be making the film.”

long awaited movie Adipurush’s first teaser Released on Sunday. Starring Prabhas, Criti Sanon Om Raut also stars in the lead roles of Raghav and Janaki Saif Ali Khan as Rankesh. Now, Raut confessed in an interview that if Prabhas had taken over the film, he would not have made Adiprush.

“When I was writing the character of Raghav, I always had Prabhas in mind. I wouldn’t have,” the director told Variety.

Om Raut shared that he traveled hyderabad During the first lockdown of 2020, I had a discussion with Prabhas about Adipurush. The actor described meeting Laut as “a very exciting day.”

However, Prabhas confessed to feeling a little stressed after three days. “I thought it was the most precious film for this country. Can you do it?” Prabhas told the publication that Raut told him not to worry. He added: And I think this is the most prestigious movie of my life. ”

Giving reasons why he said yes to movies, Prabhath said Om Laut’s “interesting script and how it integrates Indian history and culture.”

Laut further shared that he worked hard to surpass the “Prabhas persona”. The director called Prabhas a “typical superstar” and said he wanted to portray the character just right, focusing on the actor’s emotional eyes.

he said: It’s very spiritual on many levels, but it’s also a commercial film. So obviously there’s this crazy balance of playing in the gallery as everyone does but at the same time trying to maintain the sanctity and purity of the characters and staying within those boundaries and achieving what they want to achieve It was necessary to

The director-actor duo also shared that while the film’s story is based in mythology, it is set in modern times.Prabhas said Om Raut designed it for the current generation. “He wanted the kind of swagger that no other director could have thought of Adipurush that way. Om designed it for kids and families,” he shared, adding that “There’s a lot of action because women like my action too. And he designed it in a commercial way, so I think it’s great news for fans.”

Adipurush, produced by T-Series and Retrophiles, is filmed in Hindi and Telugu. It will be released on his January 12th next year and will also be available in Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada.

https://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/television/adipurush-director-om-raut-says-he-always-had-prabhas-in-mind-if-it-was-not-him-i-would-have-not-made-the-film-8188083/ Adipurush director Om Raut says he always had Prabhas in mind: “Without him, I wouldn’t be making the film.”

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