Adele claims delays have made her Las Vegas residence look “really half ass”

Adele said the delays that affected her Las Vegas residence meant the show was not the quality she wanted.

The singer was to start her residence at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace on January 21, and the performances will continue until April. However, Adele postponed the concerts the day before the opening nightinforming her fans in a video message that her show is not ready.

In appearance on The Graham Norton Show on Friday (February 11th) Adele commented further on why she made that decision.

“I tried my best and really thought I could tie something else in time, so it was the last minute,” she said. “I’m sorry I kept going until that late day. But he just wasn’t ready. “

She talked about the delays involved CORONIVAL INFECTION COVID and equipment, stating that “some things will not arrive until the day of the show.”

She continued. “It would be really half a show, and I can’t do that. People will see me through when they say on stage, “She doesn’t want to do this.” And I’ve never done anything like this in my life. I’m not going to start now, you know? Obviously, I’m confused. “

When Norton asked why she couldn’t just lower her expectations of a residence in Vegas, Adele said, “I’m not going to try to do a show at a stadium in the theater, but it’s Vegas. It can’t just be me on my damn guitar. ”

During the show, she assured fans of this her residency in Vegas will continue to take place in 2022. “We work literally 24 hours a day, but I don’t want to announce new dates until I know everything will be ready.”

“It’s supposed to happen this year because I have plans for next year,” she added. “Imagine if I had to cancel because I would have a baby!”

Thursday Night (February 10) Adele unexpectedly appeared at GAY at London’s Heaven nightclubnext door Drag Race UKCheryl Hall.

The singer and songwriter was in the capital after the visit BRIT Awards 2022where she won “Artist of the Year”, “Song of the Year” (“Easy for me”) and album of the year Mastercard’30’).

Adele claims delays have made her Las Vegas residence look “really half ass”

Source link Adele claims delays have made her Las Vegas residence look “really half ass”

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