Ada from Peaky Blinders will wear costumes designed for Polly in season 6

Until the return of Peak blinds on our screens – good news for fans across the country, over the new season hangs one serious sadness.

Helen McCrory, who played Polly Gray in a gangster drama, tragically died in April 2021 and therefore was unable to attend the new season.

But it looks like the show is doing its best to honor her memory, and costume designer Alison McCosh explains that Ada Shelby (Sophie Randle) will be wearing costumes originally designed for McCrory.

“In Season 5, we really wanted to leave our mark on Polly. We really felt that the script really led to this and we discussed it at the beginning [before season 6]that we could push her even further, ”she said in an interview with

“It was really hard because [Helen] was the one I started [designing costumes for] very early. Elena liked her fitting suit, I liked fitting with her. They were exciting and fascinating. It was hard because I didn’t want to let her go. I didn’t want to let Polly go. “

She added: “I said, ‘I think it would be very interesting for Ada to want to join and go to Polly’s shoes, use some of these products that I created and designed for Polly, if we could get Ada to wear them, I think it would be very interesting to show visually that, [Ada] trying to get on the field.

“So we did it, Sophie liked the idea, and for me it was a way for Polly to go through Hell.”

Show boss Stephen Knight has previously outlined how he approached McCrory’s absence, explaining what he thought the team had “did it right” when it came to paying tribute.

“The loss of a man, the loss of Helen – it’s a tragedy. That’s the thing. The loss of the character compared to this is infinitesimal. However, our task – to cope with it,” he said.

“Let’s start with the fact that Polly was in the series, and then it gradually became clear that she would be able to do less and less. Eventually we reached a point where we knew she couldn’t be in it at all.

“And then you have to first deal with the consequences in terms of history, take a moment to deal with the loss of a character, but then knowing that it affects the real world with the loss of a person. So we tried to balance it all, and I think we did it right. ”

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Ada from Peaky Blinders will wear costumes designed for Polly in season 6

Source link Ada from Peaky Blinders will wear costumes designed for Polly in season 6

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