Actor grants grandmother’s dying wish in Korean drama ‘Curtain Call’

Having fulfilled a lifelong dream of building a luxury hotel by the sea, Chairman Kum-sun has been forced into that position by the fact that she is dying of cancer and that her grandchildren are fighting over the future of her empire. Achievement is undermined.

The desire to build a hotel on that site originated from Korea’s past tragedy. When the Korean peninsula was divided, millions of families fled and many were separated. Because communication between the two sides was prohibited, many families never knew the fate of their loved ones.

Geum Soon, played by talented actress Ko Doo Shim, also belongs to that family. She was separated when her husband and her young son rushed to flee the village. She made it to Korea. He was stranded in North Korea. Geum-soon made her fortune in South Korea, remarried and had her grandchildren, but never forgot her lost loved ones. The coast where she built her hotel is where she stared out at the sea, pondering what had happened to her husband and her child.

Both South and North Korean governments occasionally allow separated families to reunite for short periods. In the drama, Geum-soon finally meets his son and his son at such a reunion. The reunion is short, complicated by conflicting ideologies, and when her son eventually dies, she loses her way to find her grandson in North Korea. ‘s grandchildren play different roles in managing her financial empire, and have different ideas about what should happen to the empire now that she’s dying.

With three months to live, Geum-soon hopes to find her missing North Korean grandson. Geum-soon’s trusted advisor, played by Sung Dong-il, tries to find him, but the man his research reveals is mean. is. Therefore, Yoo Jae-hong, played by Kang Ha-neul, is appointed. Jae-hong is a struggling actor who makes a living as a delivery man. Playing a deceased grandson seems like an innocent request because it helps make the last months of a dying woman more bearable. is by no means an easy performance.

Ha Ji Won’s past performances Chocolate, the time we weren’t in love When Empress Ki. Kang Ha Neul in RWhere the moon rises, when camellias bloom When insider. Go Doo Shim in a drama Our Blues When the camellia blooms When mister, shining curtain call As a woman desperate to heal the wounds of her past.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/joanmacdonald/2022/11/02/in-k-drama-curtain-call-an-actor-grants-a-grandmothers-dying-wish/ Actor grants grandmother’s dying wish in Korean drama ‘Curtain Call’

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