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The Noho Arts Theater Review of According to the Chorus by the Lord Theater Company, written by Arlene Hutton and directed by Emily Chase, runs through December 11th.

[NoHo Arts District, CA] – Noho Arts theater review of road theater company production according to the choruswritten by Arlene Hutton and directed by Emily Chase, until December 11th.

according to the chorus A semi-finalist at the 2021 highly prestigious O’Neill Conference, which is set to open in March 2023 in New York City.Worked on several Broadway shows including carry, Spent 10 years in SNL’s wardrobe department. She must have some stories!

All of this seems very related, considering that this entire play takes place in a makeshift changing room at a Broadway theater. It centers around a young dresser who is new to the company and has just worked at the Met Opera for a few years. She struggles to adjust to the established hierarchy of other dressers, dancer troubles, and the stress of a great deal of stress. A loud Broadway show. Through all of this, and her ex-husband being part of the cast, she’s quietly working on her very private project, writing her first play.

The Noho Arts Theater Review of According to the Chorus by the Lord Theater Company, written by Arlene Hutton and directed by Emily Chase, runs through December 11th.

Is this semi-autobiographical? perhaps. Given the brilliance of the work, it would certainly be nice to think so. In an environment like this, so alien to most of us, Hutton strikes the perfect balance of destiny, drama, heartache, regret, and a sort of triumphant storm. 2, the energy of the dancers swirling, igniting, and sometimes falling. Dresser’s fragile politics ferociously finish off its ever-decreasing foothold in the company as the show moves from big theaters to much smaller theaters before its inevitable closure.

Set in the ’80s, when the AIDS crisis was just beginning, when many of Broadway’s greatest artists died, it can sometimes feel like you’re living in a war. You never know when it will close, who will get hurt, where the next job will be, or even if the ever-aging dancer has another one. And we mourn the loss of fellow performers as they seemed to disappear literally on a daily basis. In the trenches really.

The Noho Arts Theater Review of According to the Chorus by the Lord Theater Company, written by Arlene Hutton and directed by Emily Chase, runs through December 11th.

Yet through all this according to the chorus is a very interesting game. Bringing to life a world rarely seen outside of business.

These prodigious athletes on stage barely make a living one week and are on Broadway paychecks the next. His two opposing factions are constantly vying for supremacy. After all, they are forever linked by a trembling position. Pay reluctant respect with the will of a death row inmate. Remember the story of Germans and British playing football on the Somme on Christmas Day during World War I? It was a scene. The show is over and they are collectively remembered. After all, we only have each other on this earth, and it’s only for a short while.

But this show is as much about the characters as it is the story. The old battle-weary dresser was dog-eared, pin-pricked, and deadly disgusted. Young and fresh dancers, older and not-so dancers, the lead actress and her little dog, all in flash and fury, find her triumphs where she can. A darling who does his best to save the wounded egos around him. And a lighter/dresser. Chronicles of dark horses, the world of Reagan and the horrors of sickness and bright colors, frizzy hair, and pin-wearing. There is a great deal of truth in “stage family” lore. And your family fights, right?

There are rivalries, jealousy and malice, handshakes, strangulations, joyous reunions and the depth of what is known… but beneath it all, there is always love. Of course, there is intense love at play in this gorgeous, funny, sad, moving, marvelously acted and wonderfully directed play. Bravo Emily Chase!

according to the chorus It’s about the very unusual world of backstage theater and the dichotomy of life that lived in it. Everyone is doing great. Brings such great scope to any role. We truly sympathize with them all, like the Mayfly on the stage in front of us.

The set is also a character in this work, taking us to the very heart of the theater and deftly inserting it into every scene. But The Road Theater Company are masters of location. Every set is amazing and absolute perfection.

We challenge you to find better, more original plays anywhere in LA! Time is passing faster and faster these days. Get your ticket now.


the cast of according to the chorus Starring: Samantha Tan “KJ”, Avery Clyde “Audrey”, Amy Torsky “Brenda”, Juan Pope “Peter”, Megan Holloway “Mallory”, Jacqueline Messaier “Nicky”, Julia Mannis “Linda” Gloria Innes as “Monica”, Christine Evelyn as “Jessica”, Sorel Carradine as “Joyce”, Mara Klein as “Stacey”, Danny Lee Gomez as “Van”, Fox as “Olivia the dog”.


design team of according to the chorus are as follows: Scenic design by Paul Dufresne. Lighting design by Derrick McDaniel. Sound design by Christopher Moscatiello. Costume design by Michele Young. Original song by Ariane Saleh. Production Stage Manager is Maurie Gonzalez. Lila Zamani, rehearsal stage manager. according to the chorus Produced by Dana Hyams, Taylor Gilbert and Anne Hahn.


Until December 11th
8 p.m. Friday. 8 p.m. Saturday.2:00 p.m. Sunday
Sunday’s performance is Pay-What-You-Can


10747 West Magnolia Blvd. North Hollywood, CA 91601



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