A video of Sara Ali Khan supposedly touching a security guard has gone viral.Raises debate over laws protecting male dignity | Hindi Film News

Sarah Ali Khan A video of her going out with her friend, Sharmin Segal, into a fancy restaurant in town last weekend went viral for the wrong reasons. Some social media users criticized the actress for touching a security guard while intoxicated, although she did so intentionally. Some argued that drinking alcohol is not a crime in India.

While ETimes does not endorse vandalism of any kind and cannot be convinced of the veracity of the issue, the case highlights the need for legislation to protect men. If a drunken man assaults a woman, he will pay hell (imprisonment and fines) if the woman chooses to file a complaint against him. But if what is being said about Sarah is true, did the man (in this case the security guard) have a right to protest? Does the law protect the dignity of men from sexual abuse? Man Is there a molester in the context of Shockingly, it doesn’t seem so. A man in the same situation cannot rely on the law!

Advocate Ali Kaashif Khan told ETimes that existing laws in the country only protect women from such incidents. “There can be no complaints of groping women by men because the legal language of groping is primarily built to protect women. Failure to do so could result in prosecution under Section 340 CrPC for perjury.There is no such element in the current video and the guards are not reacting to it,” he said​​

In response to Sarah’s insinuations after the video surfaced online, advocate Rizwan Siddiqui used the video for alleging consumption of narcotic substances and for physically touching a male security guard. It cannot be treated as admissible evidence before a court or law enforcement agency. Attract obscenity, any other section of the Indian Penal Code or any other law as provided by statute. “Such innuendo made through the dissemination of the video would instead attract criminal defamation charges against the person,” he said.

When asked if we needed a law to protect the dignity of men, Khan added: , rape has been around for a long time. Recently, however, there have been many cases of women abusing the law against men. ”

Actor Vipur Roy is a strong supporter of equal rights for all and has been very vocal about it. He sees nothing wrong with the case, but stresses the need for laws that treat men, women, and the third gender equally. Or is he making fun of him to give her another euphoria? I don’t see any of these. he says

One of the photographers outside the restaurant shared his account on condition of anonymity. He says Sarah accidentally touched a security guard during her entry, but she didn’t appear to be drunk either. Another photographer added, “Yes, Sarah was drunk. We all talked about how drunk and unstable she was. She threw up her hands to support herself and her My hand almost touched the guard, but I didn’t actually touch him.”

Curiously, all the comments on social media by people who believed Sarah inappropriately touched a security guard imply that he must have been happy and flattered. ! Why is it believed that a man is happy when a strange woman touches him? I feel dirty, ask a man!” We talk a lot about empowering women, but if the rules for men and women are not equal, we cannot truly empower society.

https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/hindi/bollywood/news/video-of-sara-ali-khan-supposedly-touching-a-security-guard-goes-viral-raises-debate-around-laws-protecting-mens-dignity/articleshow/94372991.cms A video of Sara Ali Khan supposedly touching a security guard has gone viral.Raises debate over laws protecting male dignity | Hindi Film News

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