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Counting his upcoming film about a serial killer who kills film critics Chap: Revenge of the Artistthe immensely talented R Balki has only made 6 films in 15 years.

“Compared to the number of films made by many of my peers in the same period, this is a terrible achievement. But what can I do? I don’t make it.Those who are in this industry looking for fame and fortune are in the wrong profession.Filmmaking is a laborious task, to bring the image in your head to the screen. It’s a complicated process.”

What doesn’t change in Balki’s movies is Amitabh BachchanHe has participated in all six films, including the latest directed by Balki. Chap,Also Vinglish in English Created by Balki for his very talented wife Gauri Shinde.

Balki and Bachchan begin to bond with Balki’s directorial debut Chini Kuma summer-winter love story in London where a 70-year-old chef falls in love with a 40-something beauty.

Balki says it was love at first sight. “I don’t know why, but Mr. B has to be in one way or another in all my films. My friends say that I first think of Mr. B’s role and then write the rest of the film.” I’m joking. Maybe it’s true. I’m not denying it.”

Balki’s playfulness is far from his creativity. “flat Chap This movie, which people consider to be a very dark and bloody movie, is essentially a very funny movie. Have you taken revenge on your critics by having a serial killer chase them? No, I really like some critics and take their criticism seriously. In fact, one of them, his Raja Sen, ChapBut yes, even you would agree that critics can be very mean at times. Chini Kum He was ruined by a very influential critic simply because he had the ax to crush Mr. Bachchan. ”

In Balki’s second film, Balki cast Amitabh Bachchan as his own son Abhishekson of. “par It was a gamble. I could have easily fallen for my ambitious face. However, hats off to the two Batchans who reversed the roles brilliantly.I am working with Abhishek again on my next film GoomerI am honored to have worked with him. Abhishek’s devotion to work is something he inherited from his father. ”

By the way, this is the first time Balki has two directorial releases in just a few months. “That is correct. Goomer We plan to release it in March 2023. Only 6 months later. ChapFilm preparation usually takes two to three years.But I had the chance to write Chap When Goomer during lockdown. ”

About Mr. Bachchan’s contribution Chap Balki said: Mr B also Chap. That is correct. his own compositions. ”

How did this unprecedented event come about?

Say to Balki: ChapHe was deeply moved and said he was too overwhelmed to say anything immediately after the experience. Afterwards, he called me home to play music that he had composed based on what he had seen in my movies. Trust me, it was not only exquisite, but it encapsulated the mood of the whole movie. I am very proud. This is the first time he has officially composed music for a film. ”

Balki is nervous just days before release Chap“I’m very relaxed. Of course, the logistics of the release keep me awake. But in terms of the film, I’m not nervous at all. I’ve never told you this before. But , I feel I did my best with the chap.”

Subhash K Jha is a Patna-based film critic who has written about Bollywood for a long time and knows the industry well. He tweets at @SubhashK_Jha.

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