A recent social media rant by Kanye West surprised his followers and others in his inner circle

Page Six learned from a trusted source that many people close to Kanye West are worried about him. It is widely believed by insiders to be the result. It is considered the most serious incident of its kind.

The Watch the Throne actor allegedly had trouble sleeping, which led to him being hospitalized in 2016.

According to many people close to him, the star’s bizarre behavior led him to fire the publicist for a Paris fashion show last week, cancel preparations for a presentation, and launch a new show on the now-infamous White Lives Matter theme. It all started when he rushed the show together. Sources say he went against the team’s advice when he was scheduled for a shocking interview with Tucker Carlson.

Several sources have since claimed that he has dismissed consultants and advisers who disagree or disagree with his ideas, often viewed as anti-Semitic or racist. .

He’s also looking for new political staff as he prepares to run for president again in 2024. (Yesterday he shared a photo of a baseball cap emblazoned with 2024.)

Because some of his closest associates use the same vocabulary in private that inspired him to publicly promote White Lives Matter slogans and tweet anti-Semitic slurs. He is reportedly keeping his distance.

The superstar is arguing with a lifelong friend who tries to calm him down, and his friends either get in touch with him and seek professional help or fix his ridiculous self-destructive attitude. It is said that they are at a loss to find someone who can encourage them to take action.

West claims to have been admitted to a mental health facility in 2016 and diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2019.

West’s footwear relationship with Adidas is being reviewed, and Instagram said he was restricting his account after he violated guidelines over the weekend.

https://celebrityinsider.org/recent-social-media-rants-by-kanye-west-have-alarmed-his-followers-and-others-in-his-inner-circle-534756/ A recent social media rant by Kanye West surprised his followers and others in his inner circle

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