A new thriller thriller on BBC One and Amazon Prime Video

Chloe it is a new British psychological thriller that is now available for broadcast on BBC One in the UK from 6 February and will be released later this year on Amazon Prime Video in the US. The limited series of six parts is a fascinating mysterious story of friendship and loss, with a subtle echo of Daphne du Morier Rebecca and the Netflix series You.

Chloe followed by Becky Green (played by Erin Doherty), a young woman living in Bristol, UK who works temporarily while living with her mother. Becky is struggling with dementia that started in her mother, and suffers from low self-esteem and paranoia. She doesn’t have much social life and no real friends. She spends her free time on Instagram or cheating on herself at social events using someone else’s identity. Her lifestyle turned upside down when she learned that Chloe Fairborn (played by Poppy Gilbert), whom she follows on Instagram, had died suddenly.

What Becky’s relationship with Chloe is at first isn’t too clear. It’s a series that slowly removes its layers, leaving you to guess until its latest episode finally unravels everything. It is a tightly woven thriller, co-written and co-written by Alice Seabright, and grim, and full of wit and humor. Chloe feels like a great upgraded version of Du Maurier’s Rebeccasolving contemporary problems along the way.

Becky decides in his own way to investigate the reasons that led to the death of Chloe Fairborn. Using Instagram to determine who was in Chloe’s group of friends and where she might have encountered them, she introduces herself as Sasha Miles to one of Chloe’s friends, Libya Fulton (played by Pippa Bennett-Warner). Becky secretly joins a friendly group consisting of her husband Chloe Elliott (Billy Hall), Libya’s husband Phil (Alexander Elliott), Anish (Akshay Khan) and Richard (Jack Farting) – and begins her own detective work. pretending to be someone else.

Beginning of Chloe feels very similar to the Netflix series You. Becky pursues a group of Chloe’s friends via social media and uses a false identity to introduce herself to their social group. But before Becky turns into a solid killer, as in the Netflix series Youthe story shifts, repeating Du Morier’s thought Rebecca, especially in episodes where Becky moves in with Chloe’s husband. Chloe becomes this missing figure, similar to Rebecca in Du Morier’s novel, an unattainable ideal for the protagonist, who seems to view her as the ideal woman with impeccable taste and social status. Unlike Rebeccahowever, Chloe adds another layer to the story. Chloe will prove to be much bigger for Becky than the series originally.

What is most distinctive about this series is that it only shows pieces of the puzzle one by one. Only by the end will the viewer truly feel what Becky was trying to do. This is a story with so many layers. Becky’s character also turns out to be more than we could have imagined by meeting her in the first episode. When she acquires a different identity as Sasha Miles, who wears extravagant designer clothes, Becky thrives and grows in trust. This allows her to discover the true life of Chloe Fairborn by hiding behind veneer images on Instagram. This is not a story about a stalker on social media. Chloe it’s a story of loss, the loss of someone twice in a lifetime. This is where the limited series gets so sharp.

Erin Doherty, who gained recognition for her role as Princess Anna on Netflix Crownprovides an incredible multi-layered performance in the role of Becky, a socially awkward young woman who gains confidence when accepting another person. Chloe is a co-production between BBC One, Mam Tor Productions and Amazon Studios.

A new thriller thriller on BBC One and Amazon Prime Video

Source link A new thriller thriller on BBC One and Amazon Prime Video

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