A new thriller on Netflix starring Tony Colette

Pieces of HerNew thriller starring Tony Colette and Bella Heathcot premieres on Netflix
March 4. Based on the 2018 novel by Karin Slaughter, Pieces of Her – a film adaptation of eight parts about the relationship between mother and daughter and the secrets we hide from our loved ones.

Pieces of Her tells the story of 30-year-old Andy Oliver (played by Bella Heathcote), who gets into a deadly shooting at a local diner. An accidental act of violence will start an unexpected chain of events for Andy and her mother Laurie (played by Tony Colette). Because Andy is forced to flee a small town in Georgia, she embarks on a journey to find the truth about her mother and her family.

Pieces of Her – is a uniform adaptation of the series, created by Charlotte Stadt, who is held by a wonderful duo of performers, Colette and Heathcote, in the role of mother and daughter. Despite the frustration of the protagonist, this thriller effectively keeps its central secret and offers wonderful plot twists.

The series begins with a rather attractive scene. While Laura, a speech therapist, and Andy, an insecure 911 police dispatcher, are at lunch, the diner is attacked by a rabid young man who starts shooting at his ex-girlfriend and her mother before addressing the rest of the visitors. Fearing for his daughter’s life, Laura manages to stop him through self-defense. Filmed on camera, Laura becomes quite a media sensation. Deftly Lori’s movement leaves Andy a lot of questions. But when her mother tells her to run away with the exact route to follow, Andy is left to wonder who her mother really is. It turns out she doesn’t know her mother at all.

At its core, it’s a story about a relationship between a mother and her daughter. When the series begins, Andy turns 30 and she feels like she still hasn’t figured out her life. When she returned home to take care of her mother, she stayed in her small homeland. Andy is shown as a naive young woman who has not yet come out of adolescence, still rebelling against her mother. When Laura orders her to flee, Andy doesn’t fully comply, mostly because she ends up telling a complete stranger where she’s headed. In a strange way, this thriller for Andy’s character is reminiscent of the drama of the next age. Andy’s path to finding the truth about his mother’s past is her own journey into adulthood.

Laurie’s character is more complex and is the point from which the whole mystery of this thriller turns. Through retrospectives about Laura’s past as a young woman (played by Jessica Barden), the series slowly reveals who Laura really is and what she hid from her daughter. Her past is described as rich in male rulers – first her possessive father (played by Terry O’Quinn), then a charismatic leader of an anarchist group named Nick Harp (played by Joe Dempsey). The series reveals Lori’s past little by little, as Andy discovers everything, the full picture of which is truly complete only in the last few minutes of the series.

While the mother and daughter spend most of the series separately, their relationship is very important here. These are the few moments when Andy and Laura are together, the most poignant in the episodes. Collett and Heathcott perfectly reflect the complex relationship between mother and daughter, which is further complicated by the fact that Andy discovers about her mother’s past. In this series, especially remarkable role of Tony Colette in the role of a woman with a tortured hidden past. In her character there is a force that feels steadfast and determined. Andy’s insecurity and naivety, on the other hand, initially make her an unpleasant character, but her growth to self-confidence is interesting to watch.

Pieces of Her it’s an exciting thriller with a rather mysterious hook to keep viewers immersed. The series jumped to second place in the top 10 Netflix shows the day after its release in the US

A new thriller on Netflix starring Tony Colette

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