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Vidhu Vinod ChopraThe FTII Diploma film is now part of cinematic lore. monkey hill murder It was his debut not only as a filmmaker but also as an actor. It was the dawn of a new voice, the first message appearing on the screen: “Attempt to communicate with financiers in Bombay” followed by “PS (Financiers, please lend us)”.

The thriller is directed by Vidhu Vinod, Renu Salja Dilip Dhawan is an Associate Director. Of course, Renu Saluja doubled as the editor and Dilip was one of his actors. Vidhu himself took the initiative, with Anjali Paigankar opposite him. In addition to the National Film Awards, the film was acclaimed at the Montreal and Leipzig Film Festivals. However, Vidhu’s struggle to find supporters was bitterly betrayed at the beginning of his debut film and continued for a long time. I got meet face.

The film followed a group of children in an orphanage. It was shot in the spirit of good old guerrilla filmmaking, tinkering with visuals, forms and textures. It was a great movie, but Vidhu himself was going through a tough time. He had an insatiable thirst to tell stories, but he had no penny in his pocket. He wanted to make films like him and was able to talk to many potential producers, actors and investors, but nothing materialized. He had compelling script and story ideas, but no one was behind them. I belonged to a group of people. This group included rebels such as Saeed Akhtar Mirza, Kundan Shah and Sudhir Mishra. They all had opinions and things to say, but no one invested in their vision. Emotionally and financially, Vidhu was scraping the bottom of the barrel. . And this is when he got a call from Nadeem Khan.

Nadeem Khan served as cinematographer Monkey Hill murder case. Vidhu received a call from Nadeem about his film. encounter with face It was nominated for an Academy Award. He thought Nadeem must have lost the marble.At best, cinema should be a gateway to the Indian world oscar. It was not nominated. Nadeem should have his head examined. However, Nadeem grabbed a copy of the day’s newspaper and insisted that he check it out for himself, while Vidhu went out and bought a copy of the Times of India. He turned his first page. encounter with face It certainly was nominated for an Oscar. In complete disbelief, Vidhu kept reading it over and over again. He called the film department office. Officials there confirmed the news. It was true, but it seemed unlikely. His film reached an Oscar. This basically meant he was invited to the Oscars ceremony!

This was exciting. Gaining international recognition at that stage of his career was a good deal. Even getting nominated was as big a deal back then as it is now… maybe more. But his elation turned to worry when he realized he would have to go all the way to Hollywood with his own money. He then recalled his previous experience with another big acclaim he got for his first film.National Honor Award monkey hill murder was announced, he was told that the award included a cash component of Rs 4,000. This was a windfall in the late 70’s and even more so for Vidhu Vinod. Even traveling to Delhi to receive his award, he had to borrow from his friends, the idea being to dip into cash rewards and return the money. However, when he took the stage to receive the award, he was told that the “cash award” was a government bond worth Rs 4,000 maturing in seven years. He didn’t even have the money to go back. I forgot to give back to his friends. What was the value of the money to him after 7 years?When he leaves the stage with the award, later frustrated that there is no way to handle it, Vidhu will be paid in cash on the spot claimed. Lal Krishna Advani was the Minister of Information and Broadcasting at the time. He was on stage and Vidhu’s appeal was directed at him. Advani was offended by this young man’s arrogance.

The next day, Advani is furious when Vidhu Vinod goes to his office. what did he think of himself? Did he want to pay the ransom and serve as minister in the midst of his official duties, did he not show respect? Vidhu reveals that he had no money of his own and borrowed the money to buy a ticket to Delhi. In fact, he hadn’t eaten a bite that morning. It was then that Advani realized that it was not arrogance but desperation that made the young man so hasty on stage. He arranged a proper and hearty breakfast and ensured that Vidhu was paid the winnings. In cash.

Two years later, Vidhu’s thoughts turned to LK Advani when he received news that he had been nominated for an Oscar. It seemed like the only way to get to the Academy Awards ceremony. He boarded the train to Delhi and stood at Advani’s doorway again. What does he want now, the Minister asked. Vidu said his film was nominated for an Oscar, but he didn’t have the money to go there and he didn’t have a passport. He needed to be in the United States in a matter of days, and it could take weeks or even months to obtain a passport. Advani knew this boy had potential. He was stubborn, but he was also desperately talented. He made his Vidhu’s passport in his four-hour flat, booked an economy-class ticket, and gave him $60 for his three-day expenses in the United States. It was Saturday when Vidhu returned to Bombay with his passport and money. The ceremony was on Monday. He didn’t even have a visa yet.

Vidhu ran to the US Consulate in Bombay and requested an expedited visa. The guard stopped him. Well, Vidhu traveled all night and couldn’t even sleep properly. The guard looked him up and down and asked him to get lost. Saturday was my day off. He said he would come back next week. Vidhu tried to persuade him, but when he refused to budge, he blew the top off. He got furious and gave the guards a piece of thought. Hearing the commotion, an American official came out. He said that if Vidhu did not leave immediately, he would call the police. Vidu pleaded with the officials to listen to him. The Oscar ceremony is on Monday and he must be there. “What’s that for you?” His film was nominated, he said Vidhu. The officer scanned Vidhu Vinod for a moment and asked if he had any evidence. Vidhu showed him newspaper clippings and his films on the list of candidates. He also presented his newly issued passport and ticket. The official finally calmed down a bit, but he explained that Saturday was a holiday and he had to go home next week. However, he could not have arrived on time if he did not obtain a visa immediately, Mr Vidhu explained. After thinking for a moment, the man snatched the passport and ticket from Vidu’s hands and went inside. He came back half an hour later. Vidhu had obtained his visa for his one week single entry to the United States. Don’t make noise next time you come here, said the official.

When Vidhu Vinod Chopra finally landed in Los Angeles, the first thing he did was buy himself a toothbrush. He forgot to carry his brush. Next he had to find his place to stay. The money he had in his pocket wasn’t enough to book a fancy LA hotel. A friend of his told him that a phone box outside the airport contained business cards for affordable motels nearby. Vidhu scanned the card and started dialing the number. He waited to hear the voice of the Indians. If he runs into an Indian motel owner, chances are he can help. Vidhu told him that he was an Indian filmmaker who had an Academy Award nominated film, but he didn’t have enough money to stay in a proper hotel. Patel picked up Vidu at the airport and checked him into a motel.

Vidhu called the secretariat of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. He wanted to let them know where he had put up. Was this Mr. Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s room? Yes. The man calmly instructed him to call Vidu. We are ready, said Vidu. But where is Mr. Chopra? I am his Vidhu Vinod Chopra, he cried. The man’s face turned red with embarrassment. He never expected the boy to become an Oscar-nominated filmmaker. He apologized and took Vidu to the Beverly Hilton, where all the remaining candidates were housed. The next day he was taken to Dorothy his Chandler his pavilion.st Academy Awards were held. The event was filmed as was normal at the time. Everyone was told to stay in their seats. The woman sitting next to Vidu had left her seat, and Vidu remembered the instructions. They should not leave their seats. She apologized, but she was on stage to receive it when her Best Actress award was announced.Her name is Jane Fonda.

Vidhu didn’t win any awards that year, but it was an experience he will never forget.he eventually incorporated it into his book No script.

Amborish is a National Film Award-winning author, biographer, and film historian.

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