A black Twitter app is coming

If you create a profile for Black Twitter Appone of the prompts asks What should I put in my grits: sugar or salt? An incorrect answer will redirect the prospect to Twitter.com.

This is one of Jordana Wright’s, 34, humorous traits, where she intentionally black twitteris a platform built nearly a year before the currently beleaguered social media company was developed. dilapidatedBlack Twitter — an online community made up of highly engaged and characteristically influential Black users — has become a haven for marginalized groups. For years there have been remembrances, musings, revelations and joint support within Twitter subgroups, and recent threats to the app’s viability have led to conversations about how irreplaceable sects really are. caused

As Jason Parham pointed out in him Wired.com essay On Twitter’s potential demise due to the consistent failure of its new leader, “There is no substitute for black Twitter.However, Light would like to provide another refuge instead in case it disappears.

“This is irreproducible and I do not want Twitter to fall at all,” the founder and software developer told ESSENCE. “We want it to remain an important place for everyone. We have space for different kinds of social media platforms, Black Twitter App meet different needs. ”

this requirement What she talks about is the community’s amazing ability to turn life’s most infamous, stressful, and all-around terrifying moments into humor.Dangerous COVID-19 Omicron variant Omarion From variants that mention famous pop singers to plans for a “homecoming” service in the Twitter app itself (complete with a funeral program), Black Twitter truly has the power to heal.

Even though it’s light Black Twitter App When was published in April 2022, interest surged significantly as news of Elon Musk’s controversial behavior became a frenzy. To date, with celebrities such as Luvvie Ajayi and she April Reign (founder of #OscarsSoWhite) as loyal users, the platform has amassed over 10,000 users in less than six months, she says. say.

A black Twitter app is coming

“I met some of my best friends on Black Twitter…where I secured my greatest professional opportunities and honestly shared the greatest moments of my life with that community. I know,” Wright shared with ESSENCE.

If Twitter has evolved, Wright has reimagined its signature interface to offer a similar user experience, but with culturally connected touch points. for example, Black Twitter AppThe avatar of has African phenotypic characteristics, and the composition of the news feed is considered The Cookout.

A black Twitter app is coming

“Every step of creating this app, we always kept the black experience in mind,” says Wright. “Some of our users have said they want to incorporate Wakanda’s purple and black color scheme into our brand aesthetic, and we are seriously considering it. Even such things are incredible because they are validated and activated. A place designed for our very special and unique culture to thrive.”

Now that she’s a one-woman show, Wright hopes to use the app’s immediate and warm welcome to fund investors and expand her team.

“Running this app is very expensive and really tiring. I’m doing it all by myself,” she said. Wright also said that overall VC investment in black female founders darkshe hopes the importance of the app will attract funding interest.

I have no doubt it will.

By the way, if you were wondering, the correct answer to the question in the aforementioned entry is saltbut you already knew that, right?

https://www.essence.com/news/money-career/black-twitter-jordana-wright-social-media/ A black Twitter app is coming

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