9 ready-made hairstyles at the last minute Essence Festival

We have only eight days left Festival of Essence, and if you have not yet reached this hairstyle, you may have problems. You want to be ready for photos, but you also need to beat the heat of New Orleans. If you can’t get into the barber’s book with this short post, maybe it’s time to contact the beauty store and YouTube University.

You will need a style that is easy to install, the duration of the festival is 4 days and keeping cool. At the same time avoid anything too complicated. If you know you can’t braid a flat braid on yourself, don’t try now. Instead, choose a quick braid or elongated tail that can be quickly added or removed. Also, we recommend staying away from long braids or wigs. They will make you sweat, which will lead to matting and curling hair. We need hair laid from brunch to a late comedy show. So, choose a cute short bean that will be windy, chic and carefree.

And if you are loved by God and know how to braid your own hair, Jumbo box braids or straight backs – this is what is ready for the festival. They will serve you the whole trip, and their easy style and accessories. If you haven’t been gifted with hand weaving, that’s fine too. Crochet styles are another great option for quick installation that you can make yourself. And if all else fails, get going! After all, it’s an Essence festival. We want to see all the wash and go TWA’s, cool fries and smooth buns back.

Do you need visual inspiration? We have prepared you with styles approved by Essence Fest that you should boast of to hold the festival without fuss.

Jumba braids without knots

Want to add a little extra clarity to your big braids? Add color clarity, intricate parting or decorate with beads and clips.

Quick braid or ponytail

A long pony or braid gives you all the drama while staying calm.

Straight backs

No fuss with this classic summer hairstyle. Throw on a few hoops and you’re ready for any weather or Essence Fest arrival.

Jumbo Twist

If you want a boho spirit but don’t know how to braid braids, you should go with giant twists.

Wash and go

When you’re on the wire, come as you are, with twists, turns and curls. After all, this is the Essence festival – a safe space for all nature.

Artificial crochet locks

Crochet styles are a holy grail for last minute styling. There are many options to choose from, and there are many user-friendly installation methods. If you choose artificial locks, it will look like you put in a lot of effort if you didn’t.

Dense bun / Puff

Tested and true, you know that a smooth puff or bun will hold you back when nothing else happens!

Bob Wig

Lightweight and lightweight, the bob gives high fashion without even trying. Wear a fitted cap and it’s a moment of streetwear blocking the rays.

Fast weave

If you have the resources and you are not prone to sweating, fast weaving with minimal exceptions is a great alternative to the silk press. We want straight hair to reach the end of the festival.

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9 ready-made hairstyles at the last minute Essence Festival

Source link 9 ready-made hairstyles at the last minute Essence Festival

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