8 Things To Do When You’re Ready To Give Up Dating

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Maybe you know someone who says they’re done. date scene, or perhaps you were that individual. Nowadays, watching videos on SNS is very common, Read Frustrated Postsor hear a loved one say so the outlook is so bad time was wasted, looking for loveChicago-based Relationship Professional and Counselor love macpherson I’ve heard enough.

“It’s actually very common,” she tells ESSENCE. “I ran a program called The Dating Gym, and when women came in, most of them were already dating. They were discouraged and gave up.They no longer felt capable.They didn’t feel like they knew how to make choices.They felt like they had been hurt too many times. But it became an absolute cry and a movement that people gave up on.”

McPherson understands that and points out that it’s definitely harder to find a match in today’s dating scene compared to the experience she had growing up. But these days, thanks to social media and dating apps, there are so many choices, and often too many.

“I always say it’s like the menu at The Cheesecake Factory, but it’s not one of my favorite restaurants because there are too many choices,” she says. “Men treat the app like a Cheesecake Factory menu. ’ I don’t mean to say.”

There’s truth to the belief that dating is hard these days, but according to relationship counselors, the desire to throw in the towel comes from a place of fear. When searching for a person, you cannot operate from there.

“What you have to do is how you show up in your business, how you show up when you start a family, how you show up when you start something new. You have to feel and do it anyway,” she says.. “You have to literally have the courage.”

So if you put on big girl panties, how would you do anything different to have a better experience on the dating scene? We’ve detailed some very helpful tips to help you figure things out, how to find them, and how to put things on the back burner if things don’t end up the way you expect them to. Search optimistically.

https://www.essence.com/love/ready-to-give-up-on-dating/ 8 Things To Do When You’re Ready To Give Up Dating

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