Sam Smith, a member of the band, shared the news that the vocalist of Shape of You gave him and many other people a penis statue.

それは完全に制御不能です。 While appearing in the episode of the Kelly Clarkson Show aired on Tuesday, Smith, who was asked about the one and only award, said, “I thought it was a joke, but it was a 6 -foot 2 marble penis.”

The singer continued, and it was 2 tons weighed, and he said that he needed to equip a crane to bring it to his house. 30 -year -old Smith asked where he wanted to put a giant gift.たとき、彼らはそれを噴水に変えるつもりであると述べました。

Later, Clarkson said that a huge sculpture should be named “Duke of Hastings”.これは、Netflix の人気シリーズ「ブリジャートン」を暗示しているようです。彼女はそれが素晴らしい音で、身長が 6 フィート 2 インチだったとコメントしました。

Furthermore, Smith is famous for the 31 -year -old Sheeran to give a specific penis to people, revealing that Elton John is a pioneer in this practice. 2021, “Tiny Dancer”. A top chart artist said at the Carry and Tommy Show that he received a special gift for his 74 -year -old birthday.

[Furnish]、私の夫、私はそれを庭に置きました。 He replied, “No, we have children.”

However, the penis is elaborately made. What can I say to you? John said. What do you get for those who already have everything? Giant marble penis! After the interview, Sheeran gave a huge penis to Bigmore and Little.


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