7 surprises from Netflix’s new hit documentary The Redeem Team

new documentary redemption team was an instant hit on Netflix and has been in the top 5 movies since its release last week. The film tells the story of his 2008 Olympic basketball team, who were under tremendous pressure to regain the gold medal after winning their first-ever bronze medal in 2004.

This movie International Olympic Committee And it provides a window into an era when there was no real-time social media analysis of every sporting event we do today.

This document is the first collaboration between the IOC and the global streaming service. The director, John Weinbach, last dance, a 2020 ESPN/Netflix co-production about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. Netflix knew there was a desire to explore big sports moments in feature length.

as a result of redemption Even those who haven’t seen the 2008 title game can easily find out who won with a Google search. Here are 7 big ones.

1. Kobe Bryant shared a touching moment with his family.

Greg Groggel, Executive Producer of the IOC’s Originals and producer of the film, remembers shooting hours of the film. It’s his one of those gems that Bryant greeted his wife and young daughters after the win.it’s even more poignant Bryant’s death“You can find special moments before, after, and between games, so you have to look at what’s around the edge,” says Groggel.

2. Coach K has taken the storm by storm.

Of course it’s not the kind of shock coaches swear by, but Duke Coach Mike Kushwski He has a pretty dirty mouth while motivating his players to reach their potential. West Point alumni bring in people who have served in the military, etc. to inspire teams…a missed opportunity. But he says it more curtly. (this is netflix, so it is allowed. )

3. Chris Bosh and Carmelo Anthony provided an exclusive interview.

Can someone get these two to have their own talk show? The former NBA player delivers smart, insightful commentary that stands out among the usual sports clichés seen after big wins. Offers. Bosch is funny and Anthony provides excellent analysis. Both look more comfortable in front of the camera than the always casually charming LeBron James.

“It was kind of a joke for our production team to be able to see a live interview with Chris Bosh. Weinbach says. “I wasn’t expecting humor from Chris Bosh and Carmelo. They stood out.”

4. Dwyane Wade’s interview was interrupted by COVID-19.

No mention of this is made onscreen, but former Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade was interviewed on the final day before the world basically shut down in March 2020. was the last person. I ended the interview with groceries and toilet paper on the shelves, no groceries, no toilet paper,” he recalls.

5. Subsequent interviews were conducted in sequence according to COVID protocol.

Weinbach said in subsequent interviews that he was often absent from the room. There was a camera crew filming an NBA star and he was zooming in and asking questions. It’s not clear from the quality of the film or the player’s answers that they are conversing with the screen.

6. Bryant died while filming the movie.

The film contains old footage of interviews with superstars who are in many ways the focus of the film. A lifelong Los Angeles fan of his Lakers, Weinbach has positioned Bryant as a key factor in the win. The director says the focus of the storytelling hasn’t changed since Bryant’s death, but “for me it’s still moving. The Lakers are about whether they’re actually in your life or just watching them.” It’s like another family though.

7. Perspective leads to better answers.

Many people remember the 2008 Olympics. Michael Phelps record performance. It’s a rare instance when a superstar like James or Bryant gets a footnote, and since then there’s been little time to ponder.The NBA and its day-to-day dynamism tend to steal Olympic headlines.

Providing a space to handle your wins and a platform to revisit them creates compelling content. “[The players] “I don’t think anyone in the last 10 years has asked LeBron, ‘How did it feel to stand on the podium and receive the bronze in Athens?'” And when he answered, it turned out that this was a true feeling that still remained in his heart.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/tonifitzgerald/2022/10/14/7-surprises-from-netflixs-new-hit-documentary-the-redeem-team/ 7 surprises from Netflix’s new hit documentary The Redeem Team

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