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On Halloween, the HT Entertainment Desk writers bring you the most hated (in a good way) horror movie of all time. If you like spooky challenges, consider these at tonight’s watch party. (Please also read: Halloween: How India’s OG Horror Kings Ramsay Brothers Created the Genre with Veerana, Saamri and Zee Horror Show)

Emily Rose’s Exorcism (2005)

Jennifer Carpenter to star in ‘Emily Rose’s Exorcism’

There are a few more memorable horror movies made around the world than Emily Rose’s exorcism. The Exorcist was scarier, The Omen was creepier, and A Nightmare on Elm Street was more chilling. But Emily Rose had the perfect ingredient to scare people: realism. At its core, Emily Rose was a courtroom drama based on a real case. The attention to detail in presenting both the scientific and legal aspects of the story made the supernatural horror elements all the more shocking. Jennifer Carpenter’s above-capacity acting means that, 17 years later, this movie still haunts me. (and 3am wasn’t a safe place from the first time I saw it).

Train to Busan (2016)

A still photo of Gong Yoo and Kim Su-an heading to Busan from the train.
A still photo of Gong Yoo and Kim Su-an heading to Busan from the train.

Train to Busan stands out from other movies in the zombie genre, with its gripping and radical storyline. An action horror set on a train heading from Seoul to Busan. Gong Yoo and Ma Dong-seok, along with Choi Woo-shik, face an army of zombies and fight the undead to save their loved ones. With a nail-biting plot, the film manages to create terror as nearly every scene has a new twist. Along with the tension of the movie, the viewer also feels empathy for the characters. Seeing a character turn within seconds after being infected horrified me.

The Conjuring 2 (2016)

Bonnie Aarons as the demon nun Valak in The Conjuring 2.
Bonnie Aarons as the demon nun Valak in The Conjuring 2.

Evil spirits roaming the house, ready to prey on their next victim, and paranormal investigators Lorraine and Ed Warren (Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson) find their daughter possessed by a demon. trying to help a mother who is showing signs of being With Conjuring 2, I am speechless and fall asleep with one eye open. This part-horror, part-supernatural movie is his one of the most talked-about and engaging horror films in the Conjuring franchise, loosely based on the story of the real Lorraine and Ed Warren. The events of this film play out similarly to the first film in that the couple tries to exorcise the spirit that haunts their home. But along the way, Lorraine has a vision of a demonic nun (Bonnie Aarons), and in person, Nun Valak was one of the scariest spirits in The Conjuring 2.

Hereditary (2018)

Toni Collette in
Toni Collette in “Hereditary”.

Often in the horror film genre, you can travel through a wide spectrum of terrifying and exceptional acting performances. The chilling performances of Toni Collette, Alex Wolfe, and Milly Shapiro alone create unprecedented fear, pain, and paranoia.

Essentially, Hereditary is the story of a family of four haunted by their own grandmother’s secrets. Severed heads, satanic rituals, ceiling crawlers, and spontaneous combustion are, of course, enough to give you sleepless nights, but the ones that stick in your mind longer, whether you’re haunted by your granny or not. , is a trauma that each generation of the family must bear. Some of the most hurtful episodes aren’t the silly jump scares, but the grieving mother’s screams, the boy who spends all night in his morning terrors, and the dining table scene where Toni definitely deserves some awards. .

Hereditary has been with me for almost a month, not in the “I can’t go to the bathroom at night” method. But in a way like, “I wonder what my grandmother was hiding from us.” Hopefully she didn’t mess with bringing the Demon King back from Hell.

The Ring (1998)

A glimpse into the ghosts of the 1998 Japanese film Ring.
A glimpse into the ghosts of the 1998 Japanese film Ring.

The 1998 Japanese film Ring was a game-changer in the horror genre, laying the groundwork for multiple installments of Japanese horror films and western remakes, including the 2002 American film of the same name starring Naomi Watts. I was. It revolves around a reporter racing against time to investigate the mystery behind a cursed videotape.

More than 20 years later, with a new generation of moviegoers on the scene, a quick glimpse at this movie will be interesting to long-time horror genre enthusiasts who have seen memes based on it. maybe. It’s not uncommon now to see a female ghost appearing from TV with bruised nails and long black hair covering her face, but this movie made her reach audiences’ minds 25 years ago. I was stabbed. Thanks to the black-and-white, blurry visuals that added impact, it was enough to make people, especially me, stop watching horror forever.

Evil Dead (1981)

A poster image of the guts of the dead.
A poster image of the guts of the dead.

The American horror series Evil Dead gave audiences something fresh in a classic haunted ghost story centered around a female protagonist. Of all the installments, The Evil Dead (1981) is arguably the best at convincing someone that ghosts are real, and sadly none of its sequels can replicate the same magic. Millennials may still have fresh memories of Book of Dead and how Ash and his group of friends experienced terrifying paranormal activity during a trip to a cabin in the woods. Hmm. The film paved the way for upcoming horror films, often involving trips to the forest and a bunch of curious urban friends who try to challenge legions of demons and spirits. The visuals to go are one of the reasons Evil Dead remains a cult choice for many horror enthusiasts, myself included. A mixture of spooky sequences and subtle action never seen before in the ’80s, this movie is one of the best horror movies of all time.

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