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  • Tristen Nash was the son of semi-retired WWE/WWF wrestler Kevin Nash
  • Tristen died at the age of 26, but his cause of death has not been disclosed.
  • Tristen was a musician, podcaster, and engaged to the love of his life when he passed away.

Son of WWE/WWF Champion and Hall of Famer Kevin Nash, Tristen Nash, died Died on October 20, 2022 at the age of 26. love to fighteditor-in-chief of Sean Ross Sapp Via a Twitter pose on behalf of Tristen’s parents. Tamara NashI am sad to report that my son, Tristen Nash, has passed away at the young age of 26,” he wrote. “Tristen recently started working on Kevin’s new podcast and the two enjoyed spending time together. The Nash family asked if their privacy would be respected during this time.”

Although he was the son of a WWE star, Kevin pursued a professional fighting career. Instead, he pursued a career in music and podcasting and recently engaged the love of his life. Read on to learn about Nash.

Tristen juggled a lot of talent

Tristen was a versatile person.According to him Instagram Page, he was a singer and songwriter for the band The. Builder, Author, Podcast Technician. What was even more impressive was that she was trilingual, speaking English, French and Creole. According to him, he was based in his inlet of Ponce, Florida. Facebook His Facebook page also says he studied at Daytona State University, but it’s unclear if he graduated.

His band has a full album available on Bandcamp. boxcar and wine mugcan hear hereAdditionally, he was thrilled to be working on his father’s work. click this podcast he Posted Exactly one week before he died.

Tristen struggling with mental health

Like her father, Tristen had several tattoos. One of his tattoos was a cursive sentence that read, “How did you become the story I always tell while skipping stones?”He showed off his ink on October 10, 2022, using the caption, mental health Consciousness. “#mentalhealthawareness is a big part of my life and I will never admit it. Know you are loved and needed. Enjoy every second,” he wrote.

That same day, he posted an emotional lyric on his Facebook page. “I broke my heart. I’m trying to convince myself.. that I can suffer if I want to.” wrote.

Tristen got engaged

the vocalist is engaged to a woman Savannah Khan when he died He and Savannah got into a relationship in July, according to his Facebook page.

Sav was clearly the love of Tristen’s life as he frequently shared images with her on social media. Along with a selfie with Savannah on Oct. 8, 2022, the musician wrote, Beyond love and wonderful things in my life. I love Savannah so much. ”He also called her his “future wife” In a post he shared earlier in the month. “If I could give you anything in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes. Only then will you know how special you are to me.” “You know who you are,” Tristen wrote in the image’s caption playfully.

Tristen underwent a weight loss transformation

Tristen flaunted an impressive 75 pounds on Instagram in January 2022 weight lossOn the left side of the split image, he was wearing flannel and happily drinking beer. On the right, he shared an image of himself wearing a similar flannel, with a noticeably slimmer waistline. I wrote it with the after photo.

Tristen was a foodie

The late podcaster enjoyed posting about the foods he ate on his life’s journey, as exemplified by several posts to his Instagram feed, such as the sushi spread above. At first glance, he seemed unafraid to try different things. crocodile ribs at one point. Tristen even posted about food when she was hungry, like on Oct. 13, 2022. image Grilled chicken topped with tomato and mozzarella cheese. “So I’m hungry already,” he captioned the delicious-looking plate.

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