4K HDR video capability added to PS5 apps for Disney, Disney+ and Star+

Disney Subs subscription streaming video apps Disney+ and Star+ look a little better on Sony’s PlayStation 5 game console after the Mouse House upgrades both image quality options.

Both apps will be able to receive and play 4K resolution video streams that have been further enhanced with High Dynamic Range formats. HDR provides a much better contrast ratio on screen. Basically black is black and white is white, making the image pop and more detailed.

Sony’s next-generation game console is a capable video streaming device with graphics to handle the demands of streaming on TVs capable of displaying 4K HDR. Additionally, the PS5 leads the sales race for this generation of game consoles. About 22 million units sold by the end of the second quarter of 2022representing a significant subset of potential customers for Disney’s apps.

Jerrell Jimerson, EVP of Product & Design at Disney Streaming, said: release. β€œThe ability to support his 4K HDR video streaming on the platform will also enhance the viewing experience for his fans.”

With subscription growth slowing for most of the major streaming services, companies are looking for new ways to enhance and differentiate their offerings.netflix
for example, offering what is called 4K Ultra HD on the more expensive tier and many of its programs.

Adding 4K HDR allows, for example, one of the best streaming versions of Disney movies and other programs available in that format. The 4K Ultra HD format puts about four times as many pixels on the screen as the older 1080p HD screens, but without HDR you can’t tell the difference to the naked eye on a small screen.

Getting 4K HDR on TV faces many complications. Do you have an internet connection fast enough to handle the additional demand? Was the program you wanted to watch available in at least a higher resolution? Can it display that much video information (virtually all new TVs for sale have 4K resolution, but not all support HDR or other image processing formats)?

Streaming services face the challenge of where to allocate engineering resources across multiple streaming platforms (Roku, Google TV/Android TV, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, OEMs like Vizio, LG, Samsung, etc.) as they improve and upgrade their apps I am also facing interface. That means a triage process that delays the deployment of compatible apps and programming for months on a given display platform with a small user base.

Star+ is an international streaming service that originated from the Indian streaming service, offering general and localized programming beyond Disney+, which focused on huge franchises such as Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar. His 4K HDR streaming on Star+ is currently only available in Latin America.

Meanwhile, the flagship Disney+ service continues to roll out in markets around the world. In August, Disney claimed that its four streaming services (including US-focused Hulu and ESPN+) combined had slightly more subscribers than Netflix’s 220 million, but criticism The house quickly pointed out that total subscribers effectively tripled the millions of households that use Disney’s streaming. Bundle Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/dbloom/2022/10/04/disney-adds-4k-hdr-video-capabilities-to-ps5-apps-for-disney-star/ 4K HDR video capability added to PS5 apps for Disney, Disney+ and Star+

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