’30 Rock’ turned Page into a huge Jack McBrayer fan

’30 Rock’ Turned Pages Into Big Jack McBrayer Fans – Hollywood Craze

Set in NBC’s legendary New York headquarters, 30 rock It included a character who paid homage to one of the network’s most proud institutions, the NBC Page. The NBC Pages program has been around since his 1933, and thousands of young people have participated in the program. of course, 30 Rocks Kenneth Purcell was no ordinary page (and spoiler alert – he’d end up running NBC’s version of the show) as he fell in love with the show’s story. Jack McBrayerA person who played a character on the show told us that he actually got some feedback from the actual NBC page while the show was on the air.

30 rock is currently streaming on Peacock.

https://www.hollywoodoutbreak.com/2022/10/17/30-rock-turned-pages-into-big-jack-mcbrayer-fans/ ’30 Rock’ turned Page into a huge Jack McBrayer fan

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