22-year-old mahogany Ben Rathbone was sitting in a friend zone: WHY aren’t you my girl ?!

In last weekend’s issue 90-day groom: up to 90 dayseven Ben knew it something was “not” with Mahogany.

Fans don’t necessarily accuse her of leading him to a blatantly fake apartment.

A man twice her age flies to her country, despite her objections, and wants to meet?

After Ben tells Mahogany that he feels offended that he is her “friend,” she begins to ask a few difficult questions about his past.

“Let’s talk about it now,” Ben Ratbun Mahogany Rocco said during a serious conversation in this episode of Season 5, Episode 12.

“What has changed since we wrote and were so close?” He asks.

“Because when I found out we were just friends and we weren’t a guy or a girl,” Ben says, “it hurt a lot.”

Mahogany Rock in a tense conversation

“I’m so sorry,” Mahogany tells Ben.

“But I didn’t know what you were thinking …” she begins before switching to Spanish to speak most clearly.

“Because,” explains Mahogany, “you never said, ‘Let’s be a couple.’

Ben Ratbun is all pretty weird

– So how did you miss this step? Mahogany asks.

She comments, “It doesn’t make sense.”

Generally speaking, when one guy goes on a date with a woman he calls his “girlfriend” and she doesn’t, it’s a big red flag.

Ben Ratbun awkwardly hugs Mahogany Rock good night

“So,” says Ben, “I said we’d have a family and I’m in love with you.”

He continues, “And that next step, maybe we’ll get engaged.”

“And so I just assumed …” admits Ben. “I see that for you it means something else.”

Ben Rathbone wants to impress Mahogany

– Yes! Mahogany says.

“For me, it was almost just correspondence,” she said of their previous conversations.

She then talks to the camera about how strange it is that Ben perceived this as a relationship status.

Ben Rathbone sees Roca Mahogany for the first time

“For me,” Mahogany says on camera, “it’s okay to talk about things like marriage or family before you start a relationship.”

It’s, she explains, “to know if we’re on the same page”.

“But,” says Mahogany, “Ben thought we were already in a relationship.”

Ben Rathbone gets into the smallest taxi in the world

The mahogany then draws the subject to another concern.

– Answer me something, have you ever met in your life with a twenty-year-old? She asks.

It’s a fair question to see if he has this habit, and try to understand why he struggles with communication.

Mahogany faces Rocco after Ben asks to meet her parents tonight

“After the divorce, I met for 27 years with a man who was 27 years old,” admits Ben.

“And we were going to get married,” he said in detail.

“But when it came down to it,” Ben said, “she didn’t take my children.”

Ben Rathbone sees bunk beds in an alleged guest room

“It’s really weird because at first you told me your first wife didn’t work because it was the fault of religion,” Mahogany recalls.

“Now you’re telling me you played with a 27-year-old girl, but she didn’t take your children,” she said.

Pointing to the meaning, Mahogany asks, “So Benjamin is perfect and does nothing?”

Ben Rathbone meets Mahogany Rock

“I feel like I don’t need to defend my past because it’s behind us now,” Ben tells her.

Um, that sounds pretty defensive, especially for a guy who throws as many red flags as she does, if not more.

Season 5, Episode 12 could be seen that the tables were re-enabled by Ben. Probably fans have as many questions for him as Mahogany.

22-year-old mahogany Ben Rathbone was sitting in a friend zone: WHY aren’t you my girl ?!

Source link 22-year-old mahogany Ben Rathbone was sitting in a friend zone: WHY aren’t you my girl ?!

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