2 Friends Keep Missing Love On K-Rom-Com ‘Love Is For Suckers’

Which couples meet at the altar in a fictional wedding reality show kingdom of loveThe odds are director Gu Yeol Moo, played by Lee Da Hee, and doctor Park Jae Hoon, played by actor and Super Junior member Choi Si Won.

in the opening sequence of love is for suckers As if he’s wearing a tuxedo, he’s been chained to a yorum and has appeared in a fictional TV show within a rom-com. If this guy is actually planning to join hands, how did the two of them end up in this place?Is he a contestant? Is she the show’s director? Is love really just for suckers and just a scripted fantasy, as the title suggests?

After prompting all these questions, love is for suckers It goes back a few years, when these characters were in their late 30s and were close friends and neighbors. As far as friendship is concerned, Jae-hoon really meets the short-term end of this deal. Even though it’s hard to find someone worth dating, she doesn’t seem to think he’s worth dating.She was engaged once, but she called it off.

Jehoon tells her not to take dating too seriously. Dating casually, he advises. Impossible, she says. She can’t help but be serious. The problem is that her radar for serious dating men is flawed. Things get interesting when she asks him to pretend to be interested. His pretend interest is meant to ease the humiliation he feels after being rejected by the handsome but superficial chef star of her cooking show.

Further complicating her life is the fact that her cooking show is underrated and her dating reality show by a despised director is a huge success. The show was directed by Kang Chae-ri and played by Jo Soo-hyang, and some of the talking points in the ratings have to do with the racy scenarios and dramatic encounters she scripted. are clinging to their ways and are losing love and respect. Jeff, can you help me?

Lee is terribly funny playing a clueless director who can’t even direct his own life.She recently appeared in a drama Search: WWW, Luka The Beginning When beauty insideChoi Si-won plays the mischievous but secretly miserable Jae-hoon, and his ironic sense of humor is charming.she was pretty funny in the drama my fellow citizens, revolutionary love When she was prettyStarring Cho Soo Hyang Something in the Rain When The story of Nokudu. Starring Park Yeon-woo, Lee Dae-wi, Jang Ha-kyung, Min Jin-woon, and Noh Susanna.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/joanmacdonald/2022/10/11/two-friends-keep-missing-love-in-the-k-rom-com-love-is-for-suckers/ 2 Friends Keep Missing Love On K-Rom-Com ‘Love Is For Suckers’

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