1744 White Alt Teaser: Senna Hegde Promises Fun Dark Comedy

National Award-winning filmmaker Senna Hegde is set to tickle our funny bones again with his next film, titled 1744 White Alto. A trailer for the movie was released on Thursday.

1744 White Alto, starring Sharaf Dine in the lead role, seems like a dark comedy. The teaser doesn’t reveal anything about the plot, but it does capture the whimsical mood of the narration, and Senna seems to have made a comedy movie full of her sitcoms. There are also deserted landscapes, silly cops, criminals with twisted fashion sense, and a few characters pursuing their own ulterior motives.1744 White Her alto seems to have a lot of one-liners. .

“Set in northern Kerala, a lower-class Vijayan gets caught up in a case of mistaken identity. A fun cat-and-mouse chase ensues as his team heats up their tails.What happens next is a comedy of errors.The story is full of humor, satire and suspense, leading to an unexpected climax.” Read the official synopsis of the movie.

Besides Sharafuddin, 1744 White Alto also starred Rajesh Madhavan, Vince Aloshas, ​​Anand Mammadan, Navas Valikkunnu, Arun Kurian, Sajin Cherkail, Alia Salim, Joji Jon, Niriya K Baby, Ranji Kankol and Suminu Sijho. I’m here.

The makers have yet to announce a release date for the film.

https://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/malayalam/1744-white-alto-teaser-senna-hegde-promises-an-enjoyable-dark-comedy-8207174/ 1744 White Alt Teaser: Senna Hegde Promises Fun Dark Comedy

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