16 months for former police officer Kim Potter’s “tragic mistake” in killing Downt Wright, Rule Judge

Former Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, police Kim Potter was sentenced to two years in prison for the deadly shooting of 20-year-old Downate Wright on April 11, 2021. The sentence is very different from the seven years the state was looking for in the case, and well below the maximum sentence of 15 years that Potter faced.

Back in December Potter was doomed on first-degree manslaughter due to reckless use / handling of firearms, and second-degree manslaughter for the deadly shooting of Wright.

The hearing began with state prosecutors demanding a minimum of seven years in prison. Presenting the case for a lesser sentence, Potter’s lawyer, Paul Eng, considered the problems associated with the photograph of Potter’s prison. In a photo that appeared after the verdict in December, Potter was spotted smiling. Eng said the smile was at the request of the jail, not in disrespect.

He also sought probation in prison, arguing that prison time would be more harmful. Eng said Potter had been in solitary confinement for the past two months because prison officials feared she could be attacked.

He noted that most people in isolation have suffered “deterioration in mental and physical health” and “If you send her to prison, you will harm her.”

He also claimed that Potter was basically an exemplary officer for 26 years of service, citing letters of support from those who knew her professionally. Eng also shared three boxes of letters of support sent to Potter after his conviction.

Then came statements of influence from Wright parentstwo brothers and sisters and the mother of his child.

Diamond Wright, the younger sister, repeated with tears as a frustrated family in the police department that was to protect and serve society. Diamond also mentioned how he and Downt discussed security issues after the death of George Floyd, saying: “Maybe we had enough white so we weren’t a threat to the police. We were wrong. We have repeatedly seen that one hint of black in our skin makes us a target.

Finally, Wright’s only child’s mother, China Whitaker, told the court that she has now become a single parent of violence rather than choice. She expressed resentment over the fact that Wright will never be able to play ball with his son or see him go to school. She described the personal loss of her son as “the loss of a best friend”. Whitaker also mentioned her own injury after that fateful day, as she was also present during the shooting.

“Now I suffer from severe PTSD; every time I am stopped, I feel extremely anxious, afraid to make a mistake and something will end wrong, ”she said, crying. “I can’t watch movies or videos that have to do with police brutality because it reminds me of Downt’s murder.”

After statements about the influence of the Potter family, he turned to the Wright family. Through her socks, she apologized strongly: “I pray for Downt and all of you many, many times a day. He is no more than one thought from my heart, and I have no right to be in my heart, ”she continued. “And I pray that one day you can find forgiveness, just because hatred is so destructive to all of us. And I pray that peace will always be with you and your family. “

After hearing allegations of beatings, Judge Regina Chu held back tears, ruling that Potter had made a “tragic mistake” that could not be compared to other killings committed by police officers. Judge Chu referred to Derek Chauvin The case said: “This is not a police officer found guilty of murder for using his knee to press a man for nine and a half minutes when he is short of breath.”

Judge Chu continued, “Officer Potter was never going to use his firearm. She kept pulling out firearms all the time, intending to use her stun gun, ”she said.

Potter is due to serve only two-thirds of that time, or 16 months, of his prison sentence. 58 days of service will also be added to the total amount of the sentence. And, with good behavior, she will be eligible for supervised release for the second third.

According to Judge Chu’s ruling, a $ 1,000 fine and a $ 78 bonus will be deducted from prison wages or for 180 days. She noted that Potter has the right to appeal the verdict and the verdict. The maximum fine for first-degree manslaughter is $ 30,000 and for second-degree manslaughter is $ 20,000.

The Wright family shared their disappointment as a result outside the courthouse. Wright’s mother, Katie Wright, told the press: “Kim Potter killed my son and he died on April 11th. Today, the justice system killed him again. ”

She continued: “Speaking from the bottom of my heart in a statement about the attack on the victim, which took so long to write … not to get a response from the judge at all, but then, when it came to … the sentencing of Kim Potter, [the judge] crashed into tears. This is not the case, this is the problem of our current justice system: the tears of white women outweigh justice. ”

Don Wright’s father, Aubrey Wright, shared his grievances: “I didn’t think anyone cared,” he said. “The trial was so tied up [Potter’s] feelings and that … it went with her that they forgot about killing my son ”.

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16 months for former police officer Kim Potter’s “tragic mistake” in killing Downt Wright, Rule Judge

Source link 16 months for former police officer Kim Potter’s “tragic mistake” in killing Downt Wright, Rule Judge

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