14 brands of wine, spirits and beer belonging to blacks that you should try

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ESSENCE Culture Festival almost here and we are gearing up for all the fun that will take place in New Orleans from June 30 to July 3. There will be many events to take part in, from the Carnival of Beauty and Wellness to the E-Suite, the ESSENCE Film Festival and all the wonderful concerts taking place from Friday to Sunday with Nicki Minaj, Janet Jackson and the New Edition as headliners. But that’s just a taste of what’s planned.

One of the newest advanced activities is ESSENCE Eats Food & Wine Festival, which will showcase a host of talented black vendors whose drinks shake wine and spirits. Some of the following vendors are speaking at the panel supporting the event, and their products have become available for drinking and shopping. Others are just names and tastes that you need to get to know as soon as possible. Get to know them and feel free to show love for the following brands, whether you experience them in person at NOLA or want to try them at home.

Created by a team of spouses Don and Nana Ferguson, Anteel’s tequilas, including Blanco, Coconut Lime Blanco and Reposado, have become awards in Alcoholic Alleys. Nayana will be a participant in the discussion at ESSENCE Eats.

Thanks to the principles of the brand, including authenticity, freedom and self-determination, aged whiskey Exclave Spirits (rye and bourbon) have a rich taste, while the brand has many goals. Founder Andrew Albert will be another member of ESSENCE Eats.

Although technically non-black, the Lobos 1707 works with black talent. These include CEO Dia Sims and LeBron James, the first investor and shareholder of the tequila brand, which was launched in 2021.

Thanks to the hugely popular Black Girl magic wines they presented at the festival many years ago, the McBride sisters, Robin and Andrea, have greatly expanded their wine empire through a number of offerings. The sisters will speak as participants in the discussion at ESSENCE Eats.

With CEO Faun Weaver and blender master Victoria Edi Butler at the helm, Uncle Nearest received 185 awards in 2021 and is considered the best-selling African-American brand of spirits of all time. Tracy Franklin, part of the program to accelerate coming and Jack, created by Uncle Middle and Jack Daniels to diversify whiskey, will participate in ESSENCE Eats as a participant in the discussion.

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New Orleans native Kim Lewis, based on her love of the city and family history, Olé Orleans Wines has been producing and selling NOLA-based wines since 2018. Catch Lewis as a participant in a discussion at ESSENCE Eats.

Created by a team of couple Stevens Charles and Miriam Jean-Baptiste, LS is an award-winning cream liqueur inspired by a favorite Haitian cream recipe. Jean-Baptiste will be present as an expert at ESSENCE Eats.

This wine brand owned by ESSENCE Fest headliner Nicki Minaj is known for its delicious mascots, sangria, red wine blends and more.

ESSENCE Regular Festival Mary J. Blige isn’t coming out on stage this year, but you’ll be able to get your hands on her popular wine at ESSENCE Eats.

From Rose to Grand Reserve Brut and more, B. Stuyvesant’s champagne offerings are unique in their taste, and so it makes sense. Marvina Robinson is one of the few black women in the champagne band who innovates, inspired by her Brooklyn roots.

The artisanal vodka, created in Los Angeles, has been operating for 10 years. It was founded by Paul Ryan Eliot and Harry Martin and is known for its smooth taste and very rich, vibrant aroma.

Kevin Hart, headliner of ESSENCE Fest, which will go on the “Reality Check” tour on Thursday night, is also a participant in the ESSENCE Eats discussion. He went into wine and spirits with his new brand of tequila. Gran Coramino Reposado Cristalino is a clear reposado that is said to have a wonderful taste of oak and toffee.

Founded in 2011, the New Orleans beer brand is considered the first black-owned brewing company in Louisiana and the south. You will be able to find it at the ESSENCE Eats bar.

The black-owned craft beer brand Crowns & Hops was founded by Benny Ashburn and Theo Hunter. Their mission? In addition to creating world-class beer, it “creates community-oriented family spaces, meaning inadequate-served color communities that foster diversity, economic growth, and impact inclusion”.

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14 brands of wine, spirits and beer belonging to blacks that you should try

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