13 sweet photos of birthday girl Jennifer Hudson and son David Jr.

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As Jennifer Hudson She just celebrated her 41st birthday and has a lot to celebrate. her new talk show, jennifer hudson show, debuted on her special day. She is now an official member of a very small group of EGOT winners.and even if she doesn’t win american idol In 2004, she had a lasting and successful career that even many of the show’s winners weren’t lucky enough to realize. Any A song that will throw her way in ways you won’t believe.

But for Hudson, there is no gift to celebrate more than her son David Otunga, Jr. (or as she calls him, “Munching”). The now 13-year-old is consistently present with his famous mother on talk shows, red carpets, courtsides at NBA games, etc. They even make music together!

Hudson has been open about how being David’s mother changed her.

“I went from being an aunt, having a mother, and being a child, to being motherless, being a mother, and raising my own children,” she said. Glamour 2015.

Hudson is no longer a boy, and like most parents, he just hopes time doesn’t pass too quickly.

“Watching him grow up was the hardest thing for me,” she said. parents When he was little I was his world, but now he has his own schedule and things to do. sea ​​bream”. Or he quits playing himself. I’m always standing around asking, “How’s Mama?” too fast for me ”

In honor of the beauty’s birthday, we thought we’d celebrate it by checking out some sweet photos of the EGOT winner, her favorite blowjob, and her son, past and present.

https://www.essence.com/lifestyle/jennifer-hudson-son/ 13 sweet photos of birthday girl Jennifer Hudson and son David Jr.

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