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The latest from director Mani Ratnam Ponyin Selvan: 1Based on the Tamil epic novel of the same name by Kalki, which was released in Canada last month.

Demand is so high in Toronto that it still plays there. PS: 1 It is the first time that TIFF, the non-profit film club that hosts the Toronto International Film Festival each year, has screened an Indian commercial film on the same day it was released in theaters around the world. A TIFF spokesperson said first post“Audiences are buying tickets in bulk and there are fantastic sold-out screenings. Right now it is mainly Tamil audiences but I hope that a diverse audience will also get to know the film.” It was hard to get tickets.”

For KW Talkies, the film’s sole distributor in Canada, this is their biggest hit yet. Company founder and CEO Saleem Padinharkkara said: PS: 1 Much higher than the actual collection for the new Diwali release. This is amazing. Never seen anything like this before. “

But beyond the high-profile showcase at TIFF, there’s the strange reality that the original Tamil version was barely screened in the Greater Toronto area or any of GTA’s other cinemas.

Canada, and Toronto in particular, is home to the largest Tamil diaspora in the west, so it’s no surprise that theaters will be racing to show long-awaited blockbusters, especially after losing so much business during the pandemic. Canadian multiplex chains like Cineplex agreed to show Hindi and Malayalam versions, but Padinharkkara had trouble finding exhibitors to show them. PS: 1 in Tamil.

The issue stems from a series of unpleasant events that have occurred over the past few years in mainstream theaters showing Tamil films. Incidents of vandalism and violence included cutting screens and pepper spraying directed at viewers. Allegations of sabotage by exhibitors and criminal gangs seeking to monopolize screenings of Tamil films have been reported in the Canadian media. After a string of attacks, Cineplex said he stopped showing Tamil films in 2016 and didn’t want to take any further risks. , and, “This is a pattern that has been very successful for those doing this, and unfortunately the victim is the South Indian film-loving community, which is being treated at exorbitant prices and in substandard theaters.” You are requested to watch these movies.

There have been several arrests in connection with previous attacks, but Padinharkkara says the threat is an ongoing issue.Desperate to find the screen PS: 1, he approached independent theaters such as Highland Cinemas in London, Ontario, whose co-owner Moira Adrana agreed to cancel other reservations to accommodate the film. We are an international cinema, supporting different communities to make films accessible in their own language,” Adlan said.She says she received threats after she made an appointment PS: 1 Special security should be arranged at her theater. “The view that someone has stepped into my cinema with the intent of harming my staff or audience is a horrible thing that I have to deal with as a theater owner. “Other than the fact that I’m terrified every day that something might happen, it was a great experience to play,” says Adlan.

Padinharkkara, who launched KW Talkies in 2019, has been granted theatrical release rights in Canada. PS: 1 By pledging a portion of the profits from Lyca Productions. “If PS: 1 If it didn’t work out, we would have gone out of business. It’s plain and simple. Not all producers do, but we have to thank Lyca for being by our side throughout this release,” he says. Padinharkkara hopes Indian producers will encourage distributors like his company to ensure a wider release of their films in Canada. KW Talkies successfully released PS: 1 Playing in 39 theaters across Canada, demand is still strong and we are looking to expand to more screens in the Toronto area. “I think this film could be a turning point. It’s only a matter of time before a Tamil film hits his GTA big cinecon,” he says Padinharkkara.Canadian moviegoers hope he’ll be proven soon PS: 2 Arrive next year.

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